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Thread: Do people actually get banned at the moment?

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    Yes, for sure.

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    Getting banned permanently for a game you paid money for? Has never happened for manners before in any official steam game I know of. VAC banned for cheating yes but otherwise why lose a valuable customer? Once private servers will be possible ppl will be able to ban etc for sure but on official?
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    players do get banned, eventually, the problem is that DotA unlinke a lot of other games have far too many ways of "ruining" the game so many in fact that it is impossible to automate it meaning man power has to actually be put towards banning a lot of players manually.

    Its obvious that the reason a lot of players don't get banned quickly (within 24 hours) is because of the probable small staff that is handling them at this time and with more players the delay time between players getting punished will ultimately become increase, you can see this first hand if you have ever played in a large DotA community such as TDA or DLG where even with a large staff handling them "back logs" can and will occur causing bans to take any where between 3 days to 3 months to get handled depending on what the offense is (eg simple offenses such as trash talking will be handled faster then hack related claims).

    I actually did a bit of math (math was based on the banning/noting/clearing stats taken from DLG and TDA) and found that valve will most likely have to hire large amounts (at least a 500->1000) of public players to help with the eventual backlog that will occur once DotA2 is out of beta if they continue to create their banning system within DotA2, all you can do is enjoy that players are actually banned rather quickly at this time for the small number of people actually handling them and hope that your case will get handled soon.

    nice reminder to give them as much information as possible when reporting someone this includes time stamps for when the offenses happened and additional information that you feel they will need, also be very clear and direct regarding what occurred; put your self in their shoes and ask your self would you want to try and figure out if this is really bannable based on what the text has said.

    Some exmapls of bad and good reports;


    Player A Stole my item


    At <time> Player A stole my <item> and refused to give it back, please smite him.

    The differences between these 2 is the bad one is a bit vague not only does the mod handling the case have to figure out what time it was actually taken at (this is on the off chance that you actually reported them "immediately" not 5 minutes later after asking and complaining towards the offender to give your item back) but they also have to pay close attention to your hero up to the point when the item is taken (they may have to wait 15 minutes of watching at x2 to find this) just to figure out if you are bull shitting or if this is actually a punishable offense while the good one gives the mod both the approximate time it happened + what item it was (aka it wasn't a tango or a tp it was actually something of value).
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    Quote Originally Posted by HTB View Post
    Yeh, griefing is pretty annoying. I once played with this griefer named eNTe-eXe, you might have heard of him OP

    I call solo mid as invoker and 20 seconds before the creeps spawn this guy picks clinkz and runs into middle and tells me to go to another lane or he'll throw. He then comes into mid and tries to out last hit me with a DD rune and after failing runs around complaining while our solo top SB gets owned. I think we can agree that we all do not like to play with griefers. Ragers are unpleasant, but not as bad as someone who intentionally RUINS your game. Guys like this should be banned
    Too bad I have never played Clinkz. Nice troll.

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    I've seen a couple threads on the forums here where people have had their dota2 access revoked because of repeated in game abuse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DBX_5 View Post
    I actually did a bit of math (math was based on the banning/noting/clearing stats taken from DLG and TDA) and found that valve will most likely have to hire large amounts (at least a 500->1000) of public players to help with the eventual backlog that will occur once DotA2 is out of beta if they continue to create their banning system within DotA2,
    You, like Valve, are not handling the problem the right way.

    You don't have to fish all game fuckers. You have to punish the one's you fish so hard, that nobody in their mind could think about fucking a game on purpouse. You will save money and resources by doing it this way.

    Bad laws are the same, they don't punish enough some crimes (specially corruption for instance) so usually the (odds of being caught) * (punishment) is not enough.

    So you have 2 choices:
    a) Increase de odds to find a game fucker. (Expensive, costly, and it will never be enough)
    b) Make it a real hell if you get caught (Loose all money invested in game and get your stats cleared forever for example)

    Of course B option must be sided by REAL examination of the few cases you will have to punish, you also have to make it public so people are really aware of what you have, you must place some automatic warnings if someone gets too many reports by players and finally, finding a fake report to a player should be considered as a punish material so a large group can't go together against another member. All this cost nothing compared to a) option where you must place thounds of people looking for replays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sciaticjam View Post
    I doubt they would ban him! Watch his gamelist! He is a important customer!

    Every customer with 10-20 games and have signed for beta always get into the beta! No he wont get banned cause he is a important customer! I have 236 games, and I needed to beg and bribe people into giving me an extra beta key, and that took me a couple months. I signed up as soon as the beta link came out.
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    Report them, and you'll be fine.

    (no pun intended).

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