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Thread: Adding "Incoming!" sound to AA's ulti = nerf?

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    When did these changes happen? I didn't notice anything in the TA patch.

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    by the time you hear it, in a heat of battle you have about 0% chance to "dodge" it, the time is too short imo
    Quote Originally Posted by Ttempest View Post
    Duh... its the IceFrog dude. Kinda like Chuck Norris just in Dota.

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    most people do not play with sound. It depends on the enemys but most of the time its not a nerf IMO

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    The sound doesn't change anything if you use the ultimate beyond ~3000 range (travels too fast) or closer than ~1000 (cause he can see the projectile anyhow)
    However, between that zone the sound is a very clear give away.

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