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Thread: Test/Cheat Commands

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    Quote Originally Posted by -InSaNe- View Post
    Enabling cheats, when you create the lobby, does not enable console commands that are marked as a "cheat". If you want to do that, you'll need to host a lobby yourself (aka Practice with Bots) and change sv_cheats to 1. If you want to use that on a private lobby, with your friends, it'll not work.
    if i create a practice with bots game, enable sv_cheats 1 and the write -gold 1000 it wont work.

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    Is there a command to disable cheats while you're in the game after they were enabled in the lobby?

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    Is there a command to create attackable halloween_roshan?

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    can you spam buildings?

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    How to spawn year beast in lobby

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    It would be a lot of fun if Wraith Night and Year Beast stuff was implemented in cheat lobbies.

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    how to get an aghanims

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    i think this should be added at first post

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    Is there full list of cheats? or one that contain more than <>.

    Or could you tell me where I can find ? thank you so much, setting mod.

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    why isn't it possible to truncate item names like it is with -createhero, i want to give -item travel not item_travel_boots

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