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    My calibration was somewhat irregular than the regular ranked match calibration. (Party MMR) They say that mmr was based on the kdr and win ratio. Is there a chance that my mmr would be reevaluated because my record was 9-1(Win:Lose) even dotabuff said that most of my matches were highly skilled. 100879012 is my account number. Please if you will have a look at the calibration because i cant believe I just got 3500 from that calibration. That was fucked up.

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    No need to write in vapital letters, if you played with some ppl who have 3.9k mmr or higher, its no surprise games were in very high skill, bc very high starts at around 3.7-3.8k which would be the average between you and your teammate at 3.9+ K.

    Win ratio doesnt matter alot. I think hero damage dealt, gpm and kdr matter way more. Also if youre not above 4k, chances rly are you dont belong there. Granted, its not uncommon to meet monkeys above 4k, but usually they got there by a mistake or some "shady" way. For an average player, games above 4k can get rly hard and onesided, if youre some scrub who usually plays support in a stack with higher skilled players. Buying wards and running behind your carry is not enough above 4k to win games. Even as a support, if you dont know ur shit and havo no micro skills, youll get wrecked relentlessly.

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