Sometimes I am placed in a custom game where my latency is bad and I have a significant delay. My guess that it has to do with some of the dedicated servers being 'too far' away from me. Though, I cannot provide any statistics when does this happen the most, however, in my opinion, this happens the most during the hours when there is not enough people from closer to me regions, therefore I am placed in for matchmaking with people from far away regions resulting in servers with high latency for me.


Allow the players to opt-out of servers/locations they don't want to play in, same thing like we have on normal matchmaking. I personally rather wait till I am placed in a non-laggy server or not play at all than play in a server where I am getting delays.

Also, since usually you don't get to see which dedicated server one is placed to during that brief period of time before loading the game, due to reasons like scrolling the web during matchmaking, it would be nice if one could also know what kind of latency one has with each of the server before the game.

Hopefully I was clear about the problem.

Thank you very much.