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Thread: dota original sounds

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    dota original sounds

    i don't know much about copyright,but anything it's posible by my opinion and I think that a big company like valve should be able to buy it from blizzard....or something like that.dota 2 is fun,a game more organized that the previous version,the grafic is amaizing but some of the heroes aren't ok..i mean look at balanar...void.. and so on .and the sounds...god why the sounds are so much i wish to hear this : ( ) in dota 2...anyway dota 2 is well made and i wish them(valve team) only the best to make us a great game.

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    a dota 2 player

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    Never going to happen since Blizzard apparently "owns rights to the Dota trademark"

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    A nice thing would be if the Dota2 heroes use some of the DotA1 quotes, which can't have copy rights, with their Dota2 voice. Just to give a nostalgic feeling. Krobelus for example also says "you brought me back?" in Dota2.
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