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Thread: [Fixed] Spiritbreaker losing focus after bashing target

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    [Fixed] Spiritbreaker losing focus after bashing target

    When you attack a target and a bash procs, the hero changes target to the closest one available. Shouldn't he keep focusing on the last enemy he just bashed?

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    If I am not wrong, this happens in Dota 1 as well. I assume this is intended.

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    I recall it was fixed (the hero didn't lose focus) at some point in dota 1. Has the fix been removed lately?

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    intended i think

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    I don't get why would this be intended. You attack one targed, there is nothing that should cancel the action.
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    I believe it's not intended. They fixed it in dota 1 because it was doing that. So I think they just missed it.

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    It is not intended. A definite bug. This old bug in DotA1 was fixed at one point.

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    Oh god yes I remember this in DotA1. The most important thing you needed to do as SB was right click your target NON_FRICKIN_STOP. Can't believe it's come back.

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    This needs more love. Very annoying while playing bara....

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