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Thread: AI feedback

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    AI feedback


    -When some heroes are attacked, they just ignore and keep autoattacking creeps
    -Sometimes when enemy is pushing, and right out side of your base, team still does not come to defend
    -The sometimes change lanes for no reason. A solo Sniper changes lane where he is not needed, instead of just freefarming in his lane
    -Many earlygame 5 man pushes with no specific goal, they just all tp to the same lane for no reason
    -They don't stick together in team fights; Some fight and some back up
    -Some initiation skills arn't used to initiate (they're about to gank, and ES stuns after the enemies lose half their HP, and some escape. Instead, he should stun from far to give time for allies to run in.)
    -AI in general doesn't back up, and can't predict if they can actually win a fight or not. So if you're a carry with full items and fighting CM with boots and a bracer, she will fight till she goes really low hp before running away.
    -AI stays under Tower focus for no reason
    -AI backdoor
    -AI don't buy wards, nor couriers
    -Unless it was fixed from the last time I played, you currently CAN'T leave an AI game without restarting the game. I don't know if this only happens to me, or to everyone.

    Suggestion (other than trying to fix the things i posted above):

    -You should be able to Ping AI (to select him), then ping either for offense (ping on an enemy tower, hero, or location), or for defense (ping ally tower, hero or location). This ofcourse, is just a general idea and it needs alot of tweaking.
    -Give an AI difficulty level. Higher level enemies can be better at last hitting, gank more often, back up instantly if they start losing a fight and back up incase of enemy missing.
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