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Thread: I Can Hear Salves, They Permeate My Dreams

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    I Can Hear Salves, They Permeate My Dreams

    Is it intended that I hear an enemy popping a salve in the fog?
    Not sure if I am crazy or just ally, but I am pretty sure I have backed off from a tower a couple times because I hear the enemy salving up in the fog for a counter-gank.
    Otherwise, am I hearing an ally salve from across the map? I did not realize salves were so refreshing I could hear someone pop open the freshness miles away.
    I think you get my message.
    Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

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    some of the skills we can(and should) hear... and I did notice that as well with the potion... but regarding the Salves I dont know if its a bug or intended to...

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    Ty for the post mate, you made me laugh as hell. Enemies be poppin' dat salve mon!

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