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Thread: The new "Who killed You" feature is really nice but..

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    Playing Chen / Ench / Visage / Necrobookunits / Dominated Units is almost IMPOSSIBLE if you die with your hero, but the creeps survive. You cannot rightclick into that area or use clickable spells. Although its so annoying to open the statusbar at the killcam instead of leftclicking shockwave or manaburn on opponent hero. Replace it to some place else, which you dont need while you are in teamfight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by squinte View Post
    I have some more feedback for the UI as well:
    • Move it more into the top left corner so that it takes up less of the middle range of the screen.
    • Would like to see a timer added so the UI is up for roughly 7-12 seconds and goes away if you don't interact with it.
      Sort of like a reverse cooldown timer over the portrait so that it darkens more of the picture the less time you have to interact with it.
    • Also, an [x] close option would be nice if put up in the right corner of the portrait or frame.
      Sometimes I want to know how I died, sometimes I just want/need to see what's happening after I died and the UI just gets in the way.
    • Option to disable this feature.
    +1 to this. I like these changes. I like seeing the ratio of damage that killed me (magical/physical/pure), so I can possibly buy the right item to deal with it (hood/armor/hp).

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