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Thread: Can't download replay

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    I must say i've had about every other trouble with replays, but not what you guys are describing, ive had replays im downloading to flicker back about 5% every 9% it downloads, and i've had times where I see a replay is unavailable, but then i reload the page, check again, and its available. I think maybe once I had a Replay not go past 0% but I think it was due to terrible internet...


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    Is it really not possible to just add a simple and resumable slow transfer mode for replays that works stable on problematic internet connection? Never had problems with downloading files on this system and internet connection via browser, torrent, p2p, ... . But in Dota 2 the transfer either doesn't start at all or it just can't finish the download and next time I try to start it it starts at 0% again anyway.

    This is just problematic: I can't review my own games if I want, I can't download the tournament replays (or waste hours with retrying till I get lucky and get a single replay); I can't cut some stuff out of different replays to include them in gameplay videos.
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    where are all the Staff? the replays are a important part of game, need to fix it quickly!

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