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Thread: "Most successful heroes" tab problem.

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    "Most successful heroes" tab problem.

    In short, it shows wrong heroes. For example my 1-2 gondar instead of 1-1 Zeus or a mass of 1-0 heroes. Others got the same problem, as we discussed here:

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    its cos its only based on wins and not winrate with heroes. If u have a 5-50 hero and a 4-0 hero it considers your 5-50 hero to be more succesful.

    IMO it should be based on winrate with a condition; that u must have played a hero say.. 10 times before it can show up on most succesful. else it would just be the random 1-0, 2-0 etc heroes showing up on most succesful.

    and when it 2 heroes have the same amount of wins it seems to be random?

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