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Thread: Prediction issue with my BattlePass

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    Prediction issue with my BattlePass

    Its been some days since the predictions has been locked and i was fine with it since i knew i have already made my predictions. But a peculiar thing that i overlooked was that all of my prediction boxes were question marks and i thought that was for the result not my prediction. Asking my friends around like 2 days ago they have said that the boxes should be showing my predictions and under the box should be a mechanism to see the current results. And i have just checked my battle pass and it seems that my predictions have not been recorded. It was very alarming specially that my prize pool prediction has been locked, i can see it, and i made that prediction right after i made my manila major predictions. Is this a bug or i was stricken with bad luck that my internet was so bad that all the time i was predicting on manila majors and at the moment i made my prize pool prediction the internet just magically became available. Oh in addition there was no red bar on the top side of my client saying something about my connection.

    Can my predictions be recovered from this mess? Because its really weird that all of my predictions were not saved while the prize pool prediction was locked in.
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