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Thread: Win/Loss/Abandon Feedback

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    fix plz,i did not abandon this game,matchid 254121070,i play SS,i just didn't get xp for 5 min then...
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    Dota2 suddenly increasing more and more players but if it will goes like this <not fixing problems for mm and other problems that effect stats> dota 2 players will b reduced to half.

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    I had a situation when i was AFK (however i had advantage on opposite team players cash/level but i had to speak with someone from work) I came back after 4 minutes i didn't get xp for next 1 minute (writing appoligize to other players, buying staff, going to line) after that we won. Is this right that i received loss and abandon and posisbility that this will lower my prority?

    replay id: 257652095

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    So apparantly, choosing a hero and then leaving within 1 minute and not come back for 5 minutes is early abandonment, but not choosing a hero at all and then abandoning at 2 minutes is a regular abandon?
    What the fuck, who's idea was this?

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    Getting knocked into low priority for an abandon should be a function of your weekly games, not your total games.

    I log into the game and people with 1.5k plus wins in the very high bracket just abandon left and right now. I get at least 2-3+ first 5 minute abandons per night now.

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    Hello everyone,

    well if there is anyone out there who can actually say something usefull to the topic.

    As I discovered this game, I was pretty happy about the system, but I think the Support SHOULD attend themselves with this issue. Its they system after all and it's completely over sensitive.

    I got 2 Abandonned Games, completely undeserved:

    1. Yesterday at 2 am my Internetprovider just descided to cut me of, maybe thought noone will be pissed if they do in the middle of the week in the middle of the night, not caring about a poor gamer...
    no Internet, no Phone, nothing for 15 minutes
    No wonder i got the status.

    2. Today I play PROPERLY the whole game trough without anything special, I didn't even stand around for even 1 Minute, in the middle of the game it says I abandonned it O_o? WTF!


    We even won and I got like 6 Kills and they even is a RECORD with a VIDEO to watch the whole match again, provided from the system itself and to PROVE that it wasn't my fault.

    You know, I started this game to have FUN and NOT to be FRUSTRATED by it,

    I never played a strategy game before,
    I thougt wow there is something new and cool, but you know, it doesn't make a very good first impression on me if punish me for NO REASON!

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    Recently i have received an abandonment and i was not afk. I was in the trees creating a path, because we were losing and had no chance of winning. I understand if people are AFK to get a abandonment, but i wasn't. This is not the first time that this has happened. Can someone please alter this so that when only you are standing still you will get abandonment. This has also happened to me when i was in the fountain, because the enemy team was attacking our tier 3 and we had no chance of stopping them. I was not AFK but i was in the fountain which most people do and then I got an abandonment, which is so unfair. Can someone please alter this!!!

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    In a recent game, my client was having some issues for some reason and was crashing. I was in a game that we were winning and I was doing great. But again my game crashed, and since my game crashed earlier I only had one minute to reconnect. Of course, I couldn't make the timeframe and it said I abandoned the game, even though I was actively playing for the vast majority of the game and helping my team. By the time I reconnected, we had already won. Down at my level, wins are very hard to come by and I find it very unfair to be punished because of the instability of the game, not my system. The next game I played I didn't crash once and we got stomped. If at all possible, try and get my unfairly-imposed loss/abandonment looked at and hopefully reversed. Thanks. Here's the match:

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    Recently, I got an abandonment due to disconnect (was using WIFI). I understand that disconnection of more than 5 minutes will result in an abandonment. The thing is, my friends paused the game, waited for me to reconnect back to the game but I couldn't do so due to some errors (I can't remember the exact error message). I was only able to join back the game after the abandonment which I feel it's unfair. Reason being I was unable to reconnect back due to server errors and not because of my internet connection. Could you please kindly look into this issue and see if it's possible to remove that abandonment?

    Match ID: 259999429

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    Hey guys, I want to nullify the low priority I have (4 days), I have left some games because afk problems (no disconnect) and I'm really sad with this because I'm like the head of the family and I have to take care of some things while I play (taking care of my bros, shopping, etc..) and then when i'm back i see i am on low priority, can you remove it please? I think I have evidence where I'm afk and not gain too much level, would be helpful, thanks.

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