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Thread: Win/Loss/Abandon Feedback

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    Quote Originally Posted by DatOneBlackGuy View Post
    I win too many games, is there someway we can correct this besides me throwing games.
    Afk farm and you'll be fine.

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    Thanks coach.

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    Please analyze the following scenario:

    - Starting a decent 5v5 game like any normal game
    - Take a lane and pwn the crap out of them
    - After so much pwnage, a random enemy player disconnects for unknown reason (maybe rage quit)
    - Current game is 5v4, where 5 are on my team still pwning and 4 on enemy team being pwned
    - After 5 minutes abandon message appears
    - Waiting for enemy players to disconnect and recieve deserved victory
    - Teammates end up disconnecting leaving me alone with one teammate or completely alone
    - Pwnage turns against me and I'm hopelessly left to either wait and lose or just leave
    - Final result is a match loss for me

    Let's make some modifications now:
    - Same scenario, this time teammate draws first blood on another lane
    - Enemy player rage quits or AFK's into abandon
    - Match is ranked
    - Same results as before

    Fair? Most likely not. I have encountered many scenarios like these and similar to these, where the team with abandonment gets a win.

    So why is it that people disconnect from a game where they are winning? My theory is that they either don't care about winning or losing (which would make it absurd to play ranked) or they simply don't know or understand about abandon logic in Dota 2. In the last case, it would be optimal for the console to clearly indicate when or not there will be stats recorded. You have to be telling people that they should not disconnect in order to achieve a win, but some just don't believe and go find another match. I know you can't control people's will and force them to play all the rest of the game, but maybe they just resign from ignorance.

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    Match ID: 516018975

    My game crashed when i clicked in play to start the game (after selecting the hero) I immediately restarted the game and upon my return the game said that i have abandoned the match and gave me 5 games on low priority.

    Is this a bug or a horrible feature that i missed on the patch note ?


    wrong topic ?

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    Yeah, I hope this is the right topic to report bad abandons. MatchID 516907970

    Basically we were steamrolling the other team, and the server seemed to crash after we had 7-1 or so, about 10 minutes into the game. Then everyone got disconnected, and while I tried to keep reconnecting (just like my friend tried to), I first came in about 10 minutes later, which resulted in me getting an abandon. I suppose abandons are fine, but I seriously lost rating for a game that was otherwise competely won.

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    Match ID: 517037306
    Disconnected after a few seconds, could not reconnect for several minutes and game up and left the game, got abandon, low prio and mmr loss. Looks like a few did not DC but me and my firend could not recconnect.

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    Last match i have played, system threw me out few times from game. When i was trying to reconnect from dota 2 menu after long while of waiting i have recived information that i cant reconnect, asn there i connection problem. Steam worked fine, and my web explorer too. I have got connection all the time. I have restarted steam, and game started to upload quick patch. When i have reconnected to the game all players was dissconnected, and i came to low priory... I have bought 500 min boost 1,5 hour ago. i have 446 minutes left. There is no way i will be able to use all the minutes if i will be forced to play 5 matches without any ingots today. Answer quick pls event will soon will be over.

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    So, I think it's time to rework the abandon system.
    Once more.

    I was in a game with a friend. ( we won the match, despite his windows updating, which led to him abandoning the game. I stayed in it, tried my best, microed him + my hero, he reconnected, we won (against empire mag, who is bountyhunter btw, stupid illmannered brat who kept unpausing) and I lost 26 MMR.
    For no reason. And got an abandon.

    The problem with parties abandoning was that people abandoned before the game started or left as 5 people so the game would end automatically.
    The system how it is right now is not well thought of and I suggest to change it, especially after you changed many things about it lately - so please rework fucking party-punishments.

    I love the game, and I like your work, valve - and that's why I'm dropping my feedback, not to be a destructive cunt.

    and to say something constructive: Just remove party abandons - unless the game is lost / not played till the end, because parties who have 1 guy to abandon would leave or not finish the game, if they have someone who's memeing the scapegoat for them.

    I hope there's devs who read this Thread.

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    Clockwerk disconnected early on in the match at about 2 minutes into the game.
    He never came back throughout the game and no abandonment message showed up.
    Just the "The game will not be recorded unless all players showed up." or something similar message.
    Won the game 4v5 but it was recorded as a loss. My loss count even went up from 606 to 6067.

    Match ID: 531453703

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    Exclamation Got Low Priority due Abandon match after being teleported by my own teammates - wisp

    Hello -

    I got reported after unfairly abandon a match.
    My team had a Wisp and Keeper of the Light, both Friends and doing a combo with skills.
    Checked the option "No Help" to both of them but It was too late.
    Got Teleported to a spot bug on the map and I couldn't Leap as I was Playing Mirana.
    Also, Couldn't buy teleport as both guys were controlling and killing courier.

    Match ID.: 530786596
    Played 9:55 THU FEB 20 2014

    Please Valve or any moderator/Developer,
    This kind of User should be banned by IP and never come back to the community.

    Looking for your reply.

    Thank you and Best Regards,
    Gustavo Turco

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