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Thread: Win/Loss/Abandon Feedback

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    Assuming I have a bad connection and get a cumulative abandonment, but my team still stands a chance to win... Why would I keep playing if I get a loss for it anyway?

    Maybe it would be easiest to just let the teammates judge if the person should be punished once the rules for an abandonment are met. Simple vote.

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    About six months Only team fight games doesnt count in win/loss. Everything else works fine.

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    btw....i got an early abandonment and no stat will be recorded but how come there is still a loss added into my account? it is early abandonment and from the thread u stated that there will b no stat recorded for both team but it recorded. pls check on this matter.

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    I can't believe that if somebody disconnects from our team and never comes back , its not counted as win.(when we destroyed the ancient). But if other team wins that game, its counted by their side. What the hell is this?

    We beat a 5 men team as 4 players they rage quit one by one but valve did not count.

    If losses are the case, valve love how to increase it but if the wins are the case...

    Whats the logic in this?

    match id : 543950813
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    Nice game I had.. min 6 1 leaver => I lose mmr.
    This is how Dota2 games should look like! Game 1_Game 2_Game 3_Game 4_Game 5_Game 6

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    I got 2 abandons due to "No Logon" Bug.
    This is what happened to me:
    During a game, there was a problem with the servers where 8/10 players had left, i was the first one to join back according to the 2 people that weren't kicked out from the game. After the game started, i got the "No steam logon" error and i Disconnected every one minute. I abandoned for the sake of my teammates not getting a free loss and got into low priority, i read up on this, and thought it was a temporary server problem, i waited about 5 minutes before searching again. Then i searched for a game, and i got into the same issue, constant disconnecting every minute or so. I played for about 16 minutes, and then i gave up as it was unplayable and just plain not fun or worthy of my time.

    Following this, i read up on the steam support and found this information
    "Low Priority Matchmaking or Communication Bans are not negotiable. If the system appears to be functioning incorrectly, submit a bug report to the Dota 2 Development Forums.
    If this sytem is determined to have been functioning incorrectly, it will automatically be rolled back by our servers. Steam Support will never remove an individual account's Low Priority or Communication Ban."

    So here i am trying to do something.

    Here are the match id's and my steam ID

    match 1: 547165378
    match 2: 547182370

    steam id: STEAM_0:0:18682558

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    Yesterday I was playing RMM. I got an abandon, my first one in probably 6 months; a total of 6 games abandoned out of 1800+ played, because a small amount of water was spilled inside of my computer. Enough so that it wouldn't function properly until dried. Come back a day later after having disassembled and cleaned my entire tower to find that I was in Low Priority. I think it's a bit absurd that I receive low priority when I'm not a chronic offender or anything like that. I already played my low priority games, but I wanted to point this out.

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    Suggestion about abandon punishment in MMR

    As we know everybody aiming for WIN at MMR
    but what happen when somebody abandoning the game?

    with today system is so unfair for his teammates
    - of course become harder to win the game
    - bigger potency for -mmr rating becoz of single scumbag

    the system must be like this
    ex:1 of dire abandon
    - after 1 person abandon comes out voting for 4 other ppl co continue or not, if yes rating will be decided like normal
    - if not, free win for rads (+20(not max becoz of free win) each player)
    - not recorded for the rest 4 of dire
    - the abandoner got lose x3 (-75)

    why only dire who vote?
    coz if voted no rads will get free win, profit
    dire will face harder fight to grab the win if picking yes

    with this system we hope that ppl will preparing their condition, connection and time before queueing in MMR
    since it is too easy to cure LOW PRIORITY punishment today

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    Hello, today i tried to play a dota 2 match but just as i entered the game i got disconnected because of power loss(i live in toronto, so much power issues), i recently returned and it seems like i was abandoned the game AND gone low priority hell.
    i've been in low priority because of same reason before. this is my second time being in low priority.
    is there like any chance for this to be fixed? i disconnected before the hero selection and still got abandonment also low priority...
    so yeah do i have to lose games with 5 streak because of this power loss, yet again?
    i dont think any of you will even answer to this post anyway.
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    Last night I played AA, enemy team had Bounty and Nyx. My team was far behind in the beginning of the match. So I choose to stay safe and not feed them. All lanes were pushed out so I spam my ulti on all the lanes, slowly getting gold for wards and other items. I was ingame helping my team from a distance (bigger ulti) when I suddenly get an abandon. When my team and I got a few items and got back in the game I went more agressive With the team and we won in the end (well, not me as I apparently abandoned).

    I just find it very unfair how this system worked in my case. I didn't feed, made sure enemy couldn't heal so my teammates got kills and still I get punished for it and lose mmr. It really shouldn't be like this, I find it totally ridiculous.

    PS: This is the only abandon I've recieved after over 2200 games!
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