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Thread: Win/Loss/Abandon Feedback

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    Played a Match 4 days ago and after 2 rax down we still won it. After the game the network was down and it showed the message that my game is safe to leave, so I pressed the leave game button (as I mentioned we alrdy won the game and the endscreen showed up).
    Now I have an abandon and lost -24 mmr.
    GameID: 579025819

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    i was defeated once more after that meepo nightmare. Now the gap between wins and losses is 12 again.

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    Could someone check these games? i want to know why No win or lose were awarded for them
    First one someone disconnected before creeps spawned, but didn't became safe to leave, ever. yet didn't count despite lasting 8 mins and first blood happening, then the whole enemy team disconnected.
    Second one I got it marked as an abandon and no win awarded

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    Hi there, I normally don't hunt down the dev's of games to vent my frustration.. But I really do love Dota2.
    I understand nothing can be perfect and you guys are doing the best you can but I honestly (hate to say it) feel,
    that I might have to find a different game due to one silly reason.

    I can't get out of Low MMR.

    I have been trying for months now.. Before you tell your self (he is probably just shit lol!)
    I do well in every game. The problem is unfortunately the other players and this rank system.

    At first when the rank system came out, I really didn't think much of it, or was confused as to how it was any different from the normal find a match.
    Specially with all the crazy diretide and year beast and new items and everything happening all at once.
    So I just played away not really caring if i lost or won, after all its just a game right?

    Well, now ive been stuck in 2100 - 2300 rank for months now.. I get it, I get +25 rank if i win, -25 rank if i lose. Due to being in such a low rank pool, I seem to get alot of players who just don't care about anyone else but them selves.
    So most of the time i end up losing as of no teamwork! So its like win 1 lose 2 etc.

    Now let me get to the real meat: (how i'm stuck)
    - You play a game, 10 - 15 mins in someone abandons on my team. 4 players left, 3 decide bugger this and leave me alone. Of course im going to lose against 5 players probably already leveled up and doing better than my team.
    What happens? I get marked as a loss and lose -25 rank. WHY? Why do i lose rank from an abandon? I understand the match still scores as a win but why penalize me -25 rank for another person leaving?

    - You play a game, You can carry or support really well, you counter pick the opposing team. Your team picks all supports and none of them support or pick all carries and don't carry.
    I dont mind support, i love it, find it more fun. But when i support players who just suicide and laugh it off saying its only a public game. Ruins it for me.

    I cant imagine im alone, I've probably forgotten half the things i originally wanted to rant about but thank you for reading.
    Again i hate to say it, I don't want to find a new game But at the same time, i don't want to waste another month trying to get my rank up so i can have fun with serious players.


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    I recently had a game where I did not abandon, the game did not say I abandoned, but after the match I got one.

    Match ID: 602597482

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    1600+ hours played ranked match lvl 71, i joined a ranked match and i had in team someone with less than 150 hours played and someone with the profile uncomplete, HOW IS THIS HAPPENING??
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    3 of my last 6 games at 4.5k MMR have had intentional game ruiners in them. They have always been too common, but their frequency keeps getting worse and worse. Usually, they are Spanish-speaking players, but not always. I play on US East with English selected as my language. -- Tinker, NP, and Jayr AFK grief after fifteen minutes and start buying hundreds of branches and wards and scatter them throughout the base. At least one of them didn't speak English. -- Morphling feeds a few times and then ragequits. He was online on Steam the entire time, and started playing another game of Dota before ours ended. No English. -- Phoenix gets mad that Axe is in the offlane, so he dives the enemy T1 mid and dies before the creeps spawn. Axe gets mad at this, and proceeds to intentionally feed 0-27 in 20 minutes.

    I have complained about this many times before, but the problem is shrugged off. I don't have reports for any of these players, because there are so many intentional game ruiners that I have to report, and Valve doesn't punish them or replenish my reports. Players who unquestionably intentionally ruin games should be banned from playing Dota for a month. If the punishment was severe enough, players wouldn't keep doing it so frequently, so it's obvious the punishment is not adequate currently.

    Is Valve incapable of being more severe, does it not think the problem is as bad as it is, or do they simply not care? This frequent of blatant game ruining should not be permitted by a respectable company.

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    Angry Issue about leaving 4 minutes before game ends

    It happened the third time now, soi decided to ask for a fix here. When losing a ranked match because of bad picks and people go quit the game and shut dota2 down, they are counted as afk (and maybe about to reconnect). It usually would take 5 minutes that the game is not counted and that is a very long time (sometimes on quarter or fifth if the whole game) so i think its better not to count a game when people left but the 5 minutes reconnecting time is not over yet.

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    Please do something with ranking system! Or punish more leavers.

    Recently I played 2 games: 1st 1 player of our team left as soon as game'd started. Despite this we won.
    2nd nobody left but 2 players was feeding all game and 1 with riki was partly AFK and the rest he played as total noob
    and the only counted game is the second, the lost

    I'm getting sick of this, please do something with that.

    In my opinion good solution is in CS:GO
    All matches count, hard punishment for leavers (except technical issues) such as lower search priority, thay can't search a new match (for a week for example)

    At least count winning matches when someone leave as it was before (according to first page of this thread)

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    i get abandon then get to low priority because i couldn't connect to server. so many people keep disconnecting and every game theres 1 person abandon game. lame

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