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Thread: Win/Loss/Abandon Feedback

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    So I was playing a match where I predicted (Charm of smth from the New Bloom update) and we were winning, but then I dced. I return 6 minutes later (abandon already issued), but we still won the match.

    Q: What happens to my prediction? Do I get a +1 in success or fail or nothing happens?

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    Can someone please answer why people that throw games aren't banned permanently from playing ranked? I felt I reported at least 30-40 people but never am informed that they were punished respectively. How is "verbal abuse" dealt with quickly and throwing games isn't? Do people not review these replays??

    A typical scenario of this example is if the person stays behind tier3 and fountain throughout the majority of the match as he deems the match is over. He'll occasionally kill creeps to avoid getting the abandon. This happens A LOT especially in a very winnable game leaving the team trying to win 4v5. It's a waste of an hour for the other 4 and is unfair. That itself should warrant more than an abandon - it should be a very severe punishment.

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    I just got an abandon. Because one of my party member left the game. WAS NOT ME. DO NOT PUNISH INNOCENT PEOPLE PLEASE!!!
    I really don't like that abandon system.

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    the main problem is that The game is designed to put an auto abandon to be fair with people who are doing nothing, BUT it's posible for a player to stay active in the game ( for example planting bombs as Techies), and not getting any XP, and contribute with this to the team, and that's why it needs to be fixed.

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    We need a "vote didn't abandon" by teammate, this can only happen if his team win (so can't be abused by intentional leaving)

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    Ranked MM - Game counts, although it shouldn't


    Yesterday i played my first ranked game since a few months.
    Well... in 2K MMR I am not happy with my teammates, but that's another story.

    In this game:
    Medusa was AFK since minute 1 and so she was removed from the game at the ~5 Minute mark, which is after the first blood happened.
    What does this mean for us? We waste 37 minutes, because the game didnt mark the game as non-counting, which it should.

    If a player is removed from the game due to inactivity, the game should check the time the player started to be afk and compare it to the first blood time.
    If this would be the case, the game wouldn't have counted and we could have left.

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    I agree. Very sane change.

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    Techies Inactivity issue

    First,stop typing that,yes,i've already seen threads and issues about this,and yes,i know about 6 minute no exp=inactivity rule.

    Still,i do want to debate the logic.

    And yes once more,i've read the 'if u got no exp in 6 mins,there's is something wrong with your techies"

    Laying it out :
    Team turtles in base,techies sets up defence.
    Opponents are stronger,more farmed,superior.
    3 gems already down.
    No regular mines are used,since they waste too much of mana pool for afg techies.
    I plant remote mines at tower,somewhere a bit higher up the road.
    Critical thing is ,im planting mines when none is there,so i'm not seen/killed.
    If wave is on bottom,i go top,if wave is on top,i go bottom.
    Offcourse,revealing location of mines by detonating is no option.

    So,there's a scenario where u can get no exp while doing lavish work on keeping the game going.

    Now,offcourse,if i knew about a 6 min rule,i would sacrifice revealing a mine for it.
    But i didnt.
    Nor did it show on tooltip so far.
    I guess techies can be the only hero having that issue,while not being inactive.

    I would like to see if it makes sense to do something,like:
    -making the rule a bit different for techies hero(checking spell activity too for instance?)
    or something like an overlay notifying u about lack of exp and a treat of inactivity drop (lets say a message at min 4 popping up with 'u gained no exp in 4 mins,take actions' etc

    This stuff is ultra rare,probbably not that important,but it can happen,if techies uses only remote mines later on in game and the team is turtled,this has high chances of happening.

    but then again,exactly those types of games,where techies is holding up the defence,are the type of games that mostly spans for over an hour,it feels soo unjust for player playing techies to see that message and abbandon after all the effort he put in keeping the game going.

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    Only the notification is viable. Every other change to the afk detection system will lead to abuses.

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    Overlay could also be abused.. You could ask the other players if techies is afk maybe

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