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Thread: Win/Loss/Abandon Feedback

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    The abandon system/low priority is stupid.

    MMR penalty for abandoning games is stupid because:

    #1 - If you win despite abandoning, it means you played well enough to win and get MMR. If that is not enough to justify +25 MMR, then MMR should be reworked so that only the players who carries their shit team gets MMR.
    #2 - If you lose, you will lose MMR anyway.
    #3 - Low Priority is enough as a punishment. Decreasing MMR is just adding salt to the wound.

    Not to mention:

    Forcing players to make bad plays to gain a tiny bit of XP, costing them their teammates' win.
    Encouraging bad behavior (feeding) instead of abandoning.

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    Its still a shame for every matchmaking plattform while Dota1 to punish ppl when they loose a game with a leaver in team.

    Sry, lost to technical issues, happens dont often, just about 25% of all games. But calm down. The bullshit in your team with the leaver happens in the other team too, so you get your wins back. Sometimes, depending on 20 other factors if this works but the plan is: Fix the bullshit with another bullshit, give randomchance infinite time and its balanced. So bullshit+bullshit is removing themself! Problem fixed, both side of teams are pissed about this nearly same often. But we know how bullshit works, it stacks.

    There were several solutions in the past in 10 years Dota1.

    Leavers should take the worth of 3 wins as penalty (at least 2).

    This is not abuseable because a party gets complete punished when anyone leaves in it.
    (Just remove the very very useless things wich NOBODY cares about. The languageselection. So ppl cant search with russianlanguage on westUS servers at nighttime to get matched in same game without having a party.)

    Its just riddiciolus to punish ppl for a other players leave. Did this really makes sense for you? Do you really think you can explain this reasonable? This makes a joke out of all your winpredictions (they cost money btw, you know?)!
    There must be a better solution, there are plenty of alternatives but the actual solution is ppl loose games without chance, getting punished for technical issues others and its fixed because it can happen the other team same often...

    When anybody leaves in your team and its no difference if this is seconds before your throne explodes or in pickscreen or short after firstblood. This game is not anymore your responsibility. Sure its sometimes lucky and you be happy sometimes anyone leaves but how is it now? Are you happy when the enemys carry drops in minute 30 and you know its freewin now in exactly this moment?

    Balance your points to get your zero checksum if you want but the hell pls pls pls dont give me a loss for a game where i never ever had a chance! #
    (and dont say "every game is winable", even 4v5, there are loads of factors wich decide it, this is not the solution and the explanation.)
    believe in Valve!

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    3 ppl from my team get crash on 6 min and then can't reconect in game EZ -25. THX FUCKING VALVE. i end

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    Abandon system needs reworks... 5-6 min wait time is super long.
    Make it 2 min AFK or DO NOTHING as abandon. And keep 5 min for DCed.
    But don't punish player who do a lot of thing but unfortunately not taking part in fight or getting exp.

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    I just played this match and it counted it as an abandon when I did not and was connected the entire game and was never idle long enough to warrant it. Also never showed any notification during game.

    Match ID: 1591431723

    Please can this be looked at. I finally won a match as techies for this stupid challenge and for it to not count makes no damn sense.

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    I just got a 5 win streak , then the next 5 matches people abandon in my team 5v2 5v1 and I lost 6 in a row. Nice Matchamaking valve keeping that 50% winrate

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    Abandon by Sladar, still got credited with +25 MMR.
    I dont understand why Sladar in this picture has been credited with a +25 MMR when he left the game.
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    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I guess that this falls under abandon feedback.

    So lately I have been playing dota and I will just randomly get auto disconnected multiple times throughout the game, and because of that I will get abandons. I reconnect every time and then play the game as best I can and still try to win. In most of these games I'm playing a carry and will be a huge part of the team's win (if we do win that game), but the amount of time that I spend disconnected ends up being more than 5 minutes giving me abandon, and eventually Low Priority.
    Looking around the forums I have noticed that I'm not the only player who is having this issue, and I know that it's not my internet or computer (both are very high quality) so I have a suggestion for how people receive abandons and Low Priority. I suggest that if a player is disconnected for more than 5 minutes or doesn't gain experience for more than 5 minutes, then at the end of the game the rest of the team will get a prompt that asks whether they think that the player who was disconnected or afk should get an abandon. If two or more players on the team vote that he or she should receive the abandon, then the player should receive it, if two or more players don't then the player does not receive the abandon. The message that you receive when you are placed in Low Priority says "Please play games to completion to avoid ruining the experience for other players". Shouldn't the players be the ones who decide if that player leaving the game ruined the game for them instead of a line of code?
    Thank you all for your time and lets hope that this change will be implemented!


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    Just like in a Basketball, the Timeout.
    so, sometimes, 5min isn't enough to reconnect to the game after some technical issue. and because most players doesn't play fair, and like the 4v5 advantage, unpausing everytime the team pauses the game, which leads to abandonment. every developer knows that system crash always happens, and most systems can't boot up OS + launch steam + load the game + load the map within 5 minutes.
    Why not give each team a one time 5min Timeout? force to pause the game for at most 5min or until all players are ready.
    Or maybe a VOTE for a Timeout?
    or maybe a vote to excuse a player if he abandon? so he won't get the full penalty for the abandonment, (like getting only an Abandon status in game history, but not low priority)
    or maybe a little consideration if abandoned players reconnected to the game and finish what he started?

    because I still believe that not everyone in the game are inconsiderate selfish #ssholes. let everyone decide for the faith of these unfortunate souls.

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    Was in Reborn. Ranked match was about to start when one of our players ran into a bug which would not allow him to join the game. He tried restarting his computer and client, but could not join. His hero never entered the game and he abandoned as a last ditch effort. First blood already happened though and it was recorded. Now we lost 24 MMR for playing 4v5 the whole game because we didn't want to lose. Maybe it shouldn't be recorded if one of the hero never actually joins the game. Just a suggestion.

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