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Thread: Win/Loss/Abandon Feedback

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    BUG: Victories not credited in LP. There are players on both sides at the end of the games.

    I will provide you with the pertinent Match ID's. Please get it touch.



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    here is how Behavior score made me a flamer because of the penalty of abandoning related to score

    i used to play normaly, sometimes positive sometimes negativ. then i found out about this behavior score and suddenly i worked my way up to 9923 score, like i was the nicest person out there.
    due to connection i got 2 abandons, each abandon reduces this score by average 1k ( without calculating other players reporting you for abandoning :| )
    all of a sudden in two matches, my beloved score was reduced by 2500 which was my 5 month project

    now how did that made me flamer ? because i get the feeling that being nice is not worth it if something like this happens again. why do you relate abandoning games to behavior score ? just give us low priority. 10 wins or something but really ? bad behavior is what you think it is ?
    so, obviously i see a lot more flamers, and even more obviously i cant stand them. so i flame... AGAIN. i feel like i will never get my 9923 behavior score back. and i am stuck with these flamers. at this point people will report for even playing bad like somehow it is related.

    Solution ?

    Behavior score and abandoning games are two different things. Score should not be affected when abandoning games. instead increase the penalty. i honestly prefer to win 20 low priorty matches than having to play 300 more games to get my 9923 score back. now can i please have a replay from a moderator so i know my voice is being heared ?

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    Is that fair play or what ? i just playing game with my team and a massage come to screen says im abandoning the game cause of inactivity and when the game finished i have been banned from multi-players match for 24 hour and thats very nice because they are making a game with a lot of banned persons and i dont think so they will back to the game mabye for a week , for a month , or for ever . PLEASE fix your LP bots .

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    I'm having problems with leavers in my team before the first blood in ranked matchmaking causing me lose mmr even when the game was safe to leave, I think this is a bug because it has happened more than once.
    For example in this match Match ID:2922425210 we were a party of 5 but one of our friends had some internet issues and he couldn't reconnect to the game he randomed enigma with almost 0 gold and after 5 minutes he abandoned and the game was safe to leave, but I lost 23 points of my mmr I asked to my other three friends and noone of them had the same situation that I have thats why I wanted to share this and I hope someone could fix this bug.

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    Match 3019892078

    i've disconnected by the power off by lightning strike just for about couple mins. But they unpause it.
    Can i get my MMR back? Its winning anyway.

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    The game was nearly over and at steam decides to dc invoker and me, we weren't able to reconnect back to any of the steam servers (which was on valve's end, not ours) and the match counts and deduct us both -25 mmr abandoned

    Invoker and I are two different people, so this match clearly should have not counted when we both were DCed by steam servers at the exact sametime, this is 100% unfair and on your end, Valve.

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    I have encounter a few sea server player. Disconnect after game start but abandoned didn't trigger. Its the quickest -25mmr of my life.

    This is not the first time. i suspect abuse of abandon mechanics.

    Match id:

    axe id:

    Axe disconnected from the beginning but there's no flag for abandoned. Ta follow soon afterwards.

    Sorry this is my first time posting, I've decided something have to be done after encountering same situation many times.

    Please let me know if i post this issue in the wrong section. Thanks.
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    I had 2 abandons which moved me in to LP. I've just completed 3 LP games and have now exited LP. I still have 1 abandon to my name...

    I ask as this was my 1st time in lp and I thought I would clear them all after exiting lp?
    Do abandons not refresh after exiting LP? Does exiting LP only clear 1 abandon?


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