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Thread: Win/Loss/Abandon Feedback

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    I would just like to say that 5 minutes is too short to reconnect. im in South Africa, so my line is dropping a lot, and now im getting leaver all the time because of this. 2 days on leaver is also too long, and i think that a punishment system is fair, but it spoils the game for everyone... also i think there is memory leaks in the game. After playing 3 or 4 games, the in menu background(fire stuff) starts lagging. I think you should maybe look into optimized garbage collection. Also, before I got my GTX 680, when for example Specter activates his ultimate ability, everything starts lagging. The game must be optimized asap and all heroes must be put in because this beta phase is taking way too long. We would like to see all heroes completed asap.

    Also, a South African server might be nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Appel View Post

    I would just like to say that 5 minutes is too short to reconnect. im in South Africa, so my line is dropping a lot, and now im getting leaver all the time because of this. 2 days on leaver is also too long, and i think that a punishment system is fair, but it spoils the game for everyone...
    So instead of playing with other people with bad connections you want to ruin games for the rest of us? If anything they need to extend the time for you repeat abusers.

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    Seeing the first post, sometimes i would paired up with a couple of trolls or ppl @ lvl3 with (0 wins b4 diretide) who just feed for first 15mins of the game / or maybe a newcomer ( we cant blame newcomers anyway, we are all once a noob ) and then he/she leaves or continue their feed giving the rest of the team a +1 lose.

    i feel that whenever someone who actually (abandon/afk) during the game at any point of time, the lose will not be counted for the team with a disadvatage, however most of you would say that ( omg, we're they're gonna throne us some1 leave so i dun get a + 1 lose ).

    the lose is however given to the player who trolls/afk/feed as the match details can easily spot a troll, a afker, a leaver, and not the whole entire team.

    edit: (cant find the appropriate forum so i posted here) btw is there a mute function for mic from other players? i play in SE asia and there are pinoys and china ppl scolding the team with their tagalog/chinese. And some of them just make the game with the buzz sound for the whole 60mins which is FRUSTRATING.
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    MatchID 62514209. Somebody abandon'd 4 mins or so in. The game still counts? Sven decided to stay and mass feed the whole team where everybody else left. I don't really care about stats but I would like that Sven to receive some sort of a punishment please.

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    Hello all,

    Me and a friend had a game the other day, and as we all know, someone fkn drops... IMO 4v5 is playable, but if its an evenly matched game and someone leaves, it ruins it for all. Here's the idea:

    - If someone drops, after the 5 minutes allowed disconnection time, someone from the team that lost the player (maybe the pink or blue?) can suggest a friend from his online steam list, to replace the disconnected player.
    Now ive posted this on the South African forums, and a few suggestions have come up...
    - The option to replace the dropped player will come after the game is safe to leave, and be verified by voting about it, majority counts?
    - The player replacing the dropped player, wont get any exp
    - The new player will have the gold and items from the dropped player
    - The dropped player's name would still be visible in the player roster, for reporting or punishment.

    As i said, this is just an idea, so please dont hesitate to suggest or add ideas to it.

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    Is there any way to appeal an abbandon? Lately my PC started to freeze during games and I can't get back in time, so I end up with abandons and in low priority =(

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    I had a bug in that I only had 1 before today. At one selection screen, I spent too long to pick a character since the game announced that it was starting. Once I picked, I had a black screen and had to close DOTA2 and open it again. I hit reconnect but again a black screen. I closed Dota2 and steam and reopened both. I got punished with 2 abandonment and put in low priority que. I get practice anyway but this is definitely a bug that needs to mentioned. BTW, how long is the "punishment" for?

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    I think the abandon timing and detection in just fine. But I do see a problem with the following, and it happens from time to time:

    A player abandons the game relatively early. Maybe they had technical problems, maybe they really needed to leave - whatever. Because it's safe to leave, almost certainly 1 or more of his allies will leave, even knowing they will get a loss. Now, potentially you have 1-3 players who were all willing to try 4v5 because the game was still close and 4v5 wins aren't that hard to pull off in a pub. But instantly, after an ally abandons you are stuck with a loss 99% of the time, when it might only be 75% of the time playing 4v5.

    One potential solution would be to make the game *not* safe to leave until a 2nd player from the same team has left and the game is much more statistically difficult to win. Or, to prevent drawn out losses, put a 5-10 minute timer before the game is safe to leave. In my experience, if the game is fairly close and at least 15 minutes in, allies are much less likely to leave once somebody has abandoned.

    A second solution would be to simply increase the threshhold for which a game doesn't count. Or, remove the first blood exception. Right now, if the game is 1-1 2 minutes in, it counts no matter what. 8 minutes would be a much more reasonable time limit. You would still get an abandon for leaving early, obviously, but players who had basically no control over the outcome of the game would no longer be forced into a loss.
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    Just crashed prior to winning for about 3 minutes and couldn't get back because of "number of tries exceeded" issue. Meanwhile my party has won the game but for me it counted both as an abandon and a loss.

    Either this line needs to go:

    If you abandon a game, you will get a loss and an abandon, even if you come back, finish the game, and win.

    Or reconnecting to servers should be fixed. When i told about this to my party - they laughed. Because its ridiculous.

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    Gaining a loss because a teammate leaves halfway through a game is always frustrating. Why should I gain a loss because a teammate suddenly has to leave in the middle of a game? Why should I have to be awarded a loss when other teammates then leave too? If you're abandoned midway through the game, the team that's short on players should have the choice to leave without gaining a win or a loss.

    It doesn't happen often but when it does, it always sucks having to chalk up a loss due to a leaver. After almost 700 games you'd expect such a problem to disappear but sadly it still happens.

    Example: Match ID = 64882107

    Perfectly normal game, relatively even, and then suddenly auto-loss when a teammate says he has to leave. Another teammate then follows, leaving us to fight 3v5. *sigh*

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