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Thread: Please Fix Ranked all pick drafting, make it like captain's mode.

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    Please Fix Ranked all pick drafting, make it like captain's mode.

    Seems like more often than not the 10th pick decides the game at the draft, like if someone gets an uncountered PL, alchemist, or brood.

    A simple solution is fixing it so that you can proactively ban heros, like in captain's mode.

    At the start of the match each team should get 2 bans, whoever is fastest gets them. Or whoever qued as support and hard support.

    Then the normal pick phase should follow, except that whoever picks, gets a ban before the next round so:
    1 radiant pick
    2 dire picks
    1 radiant pick gets their ban choice
    2 dire picks get their ban
    2 radiant picks

    I think it would do a ton for the health of the game, especially as more heros are in the viable and often played hero pool, and as more heros get added to the game.
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    Now that TI is over I believe this is one of the most impactful changes that could be made to pub dota matches for better balance.

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    I agree with you, instead of relying on chances to ban heroes doesnt make sense at all. Dota is a game of versality. This would also reduce boosters since they can't spam their heroes such as, meepo, brood etc.

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