I don't agree with getting a loss despite the fact that you got to leave a game after the safe period. It said it was safe to leave without repercussions and this should apply to losses as well, not just in terms of keeping your abandon rate down.
I don't think its fair for players to be attributed with a loss to their stats despite the fact that the loss was out of their control. If two of my teammates leave, feeding the enemy team before they go, screwing up everything in process, why should we take the loss and not just them?

I also think the reconnect time needs to be longer, because if a computer crashes or internet goes out, it usually takes more than 5 minutes to sort those issues out. My friend for instance has a typically good internet, but lately its been going to crap on him and won't reconnect for hours at a time, which means he gets abandons on his record, even though it wasn't his fault. Now that's a slightly different issue, but it also illustrates my point, these problems are time consuming to fix and often times 5 minutes just isn't enough to fix them.