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Thread: DOTA 2 account BAN

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    DOTA 2 account BAN

    Hello guys

    After August 9th Dota 2 update i found my Dota2 account restricted from matchmaking until August 8th 2020.
    I really do not understand this ban.
    I am an old and active player (since May 2014).
    My general behaviour score is 8000 (under 3 reports past week), with over 6000 commends.
    I have my share of abandons as do any player, but not more than 1 or 2 a week. I assume I have some reports too, but again not more than any average active player.
    I have never used bots, hacks, scripts, third party programs, or any such aids for gaming or MMR abuse.
    Nor do I sell accounts, I would hardly do so anyway, my MMR is around 1000, lol.

    I have contacted steam support about this issue, but they always reply with a copy pasted general answer. i got the eaxt same reply 3 times already, after around two days each time.
    I copy here:


    This account is restricted from matchmaking in Dota 2.

    A pattern of behavior was observed on the account that was detrimental to the Dota 2 community. Examples include:
    - A consistent pattern of user reports, negative conduct, and behavior
    - Deliberate actions to artificially boost MMR of an account
    - Buying, selling, or trading accounts
    - Creating an unfair competitive advantage through third-party programs

    These actions undermine the fair, competitive play experience of the Dota 2 community. Steam Support will not lift this account restriction.

    Thanks for using Steam,

    /////////END OF QUOTE//////

    In all support requests, after I reply to the aforementioned answer, asking for more details or stating I have not broken any rules I get this answer:

    ///////QUOTE (steam support)///////

    Steam Support does not have any other information regarding this account's match making restriction beyond what was already stated. The Dota team has determined that this account engaged in one or more the activities indicated in the original message. Steam Support will not lift this restriction.

    We have provided all the information we have available to you. The ticket will be closed at this time.

    /////////END OF QUOTE////////////

    I can only think this ban has been applied automatically by some kind of bot or other similar game pattern recognition program, because I have NOT incurred in any of the above.

    The only thing I have done, besides playing normal and ranked matches, is playing short unranked games with friends and relatives to maximize battle pass rewards (i.e. weekly bets and golden tokens). This is called battle pass abuse, but in no way means MMR abuse since its only unranked games, neither does it affect the community by any means since games are played betweeen friends.
    My steam profile is:

    I dont think maxing out a few battle pass levels and helping other player do so is a crime, for the levels gained we only get a few items tradedable in one year time, and in the community market. this gives me no competitive edge above other players that I can think of.

    And IF this is the cause of a ONE YEAR BAN, I deserve the right to be properly informed, not receive just a copy pasted general reply to each of my inquires about the issue.

    I need to add I am a huge supporter of DOTA2, I have bought International 2017, 2018 and 2019 Battlepass, and bought several level upgrades, cache sets, and carrafe. I have not made the math but I can safely state I have spent over 1000 dollars in the game over the years, maybe even more.
    My current Battle pass level is 1545, last year i went over 1000 as well.

    I am posting here because after several support requests they answered that if I feel this ban is a mistake I should post here. I feel like I have been sent to a blackhole, seeing this forums activity, but I am following the support's advice for the time being.

    I truly hope someone can help me in this matter. I post here because I feel this is a game bug.

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    Yes Battlepass abuse will get you banned and Valve wont lift the ban on it. Either create a new account or wait the ban out

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    Where excatly does it state battle pass abuse gets ban?
    Its fairly easy to see that thousands of players abuse battle pass daily and not all of them or probably only a minimum percentage get bans, so that makes no sense.
    There was a similar automatic ban wave in may, which I did not suffer by the way, and all accounts banned this way were unbanned, I assume for false possitive for ther kind of abuse is the real cause.

    As you can see in the reply from support I copied, battle pass abuse is not stated as ban cause.

    And if it is the case the least I ask from them, and have stated in my support requests is to receive a specific explanation for my banning, which they have not provided.

    In the end I have purchased a product I cannot use, its unfair to say the least,
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    Support sent me to this forum, as their only reply received so far for this issue. Can you move the post to the subforum it belongs to so maybe some valve staff member may review my case?

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    You abuse the system and don't expect to get any punishment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TorraKwy View Post
    You abuse the system and don't expect to get any punishment?
    The thing is mate I have not abused the system. Its a game, and you can play it with friends for practice, fun or professional goals.
    What is the harm of having fast games between fully aknowledged friends and take turns to win, in non ranked games?

    As already stated I did not abuse MMR or ranked games, nor did I steal any items from others. Securing a few levels in your battle pass does not give you any game advantage, just a couple of items. And anyway it's the game itself that allows these matches, one makes the parties and look for a game as anyone else.

    You can say its not fun, or boring or that you dont do it because you dont want to waste your time on this, all understandable.

    But a YEAR ban for this? You really think its proportional in any way?

    Besides as you yourself stated I can wait or get a new account to play, but isnt that exactly what these penalties are supposed to punsih? The sore idea of getting several accounts is against the spirit of the rule.

    And, if nothing else, there is no terms of usage forbidding battle pass abuse in the way I, and thousands of players, have done it.

    Even in May there was a wave of bans and valve reverted this because, I assume, it was false positives for the kind of abuse they are trying to detect, which I fully support (i.e. MMR abuse, scripts and hacks to gain advantage ingame, third party programs, bots, and so on)

    I have already lost the chance to use consumables I bought, because I might have gained some levels, but you dont reach level 1500 not spending serious money, you think thats fair?

    And to top the cake no answers, no reasons, no notifications, no emails, no proof of even what I myself admit.
    I dont even know if this ban is a bug, an error or something else, I have to theorize about it.

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    Dead forum, no comments even about the null support on this issues.
    Its sad valve fills its pockets and then ignores their customers, really sad.

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