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    Win/Loss/Abandon Feedback

    To prevent the future creation of lots of duplicate threads about the Win/Loss/Abandon logic, I'm creating this sticky. Put all of your feedback around those topics in this thread only.

    Current Abandon Logic

    If you are disconnected for more than 5 minutes cumulative, you will get an Abandon. This includes multiple instances, like 3 times for 2 minutes each.

    If you're inactive for some time, you will get an Abandon.

    There will be a notification at the time when an Abandon is issued. This means all other players can leave the game without receiving an Abandon. However the game is still rated as a Win or Loss for all of them depending on the outcome.

    If the abandon is issued before any action (e.g. a kill) has happened in the game. An Early Abandon will be issued. In that case the game will not count as a Win or Loss for the other players.

    There will be a notification "player <name> has abandoned the game. the game is safe to leave." at the time when an Abandon is issued.
    In the case of an Early Abandon the notification will read "player <name> has abandoned the game. the game is safe to leave. No stats will be recorded.".

    Inactive Logic

    If you do not participate in a game, you will get an Abandon. That abandon will be either an Early Abandon or a regular abandon depending on the Abandon rules above.

    Not participating in a game includes, but is not necessarily limited to:

    • Not picking your hero and entering the game for more than 1:30 minutes
    • Not participating in any combats, farming, defending, etc for more than 6 minutes. Mining with Techies does not count, meaning you will get an abandon for planting mines for 6 minutes (this is true for all base-spam abilities such as Ice Blast or Rocket Flare)
    • Not getting XP for more than 6 minutes

    Current Win/Loss Logic

    If you abandon a game, you will get a Loss and an Abandon, even if you come back, finish the game and win.

    Safe to Leave games can be left by the rest of the players without receiving an Abandon, the game is still rated as a Win or Loss nevertheless.

    If an Early Abandon is issued, the game will not count as a Win or Loss for either team.

    If there is a server crash (not just your system crashing) it won't count as a Win or Loss for anyone.

    Note: all games will still be listed in your game history as win or loss (or abandon in case you abandoned it yourself).

    Quote Originally Posted by EricTams View Post
    Here are the rules for what happens when there is a leaver in a game:

    Games with the wrong number of players at start never count - not really a problem any more but used to happen occasionally.

    If there is a leaver before any action has occurred then wins/losses are not recorded. There used to be an exception if the team with the leaver manages to win 4v5 but that unfairly punished the team without the leaver.

    If there is a leaver later in the game then wins and losses will be awarded appropriately (the leaver always loses). People can leave if they don't want to play 4v5 and they will not get an abandon point. People who leave after this point will not automatically get a loss like the first leaver but will get a win or a loss based on the outcome of the game.

    Let me know if you have a MatchId where this isn't the case and I'll take a look.

    If you have feedback towards the Report System or the way Low Priority Queue is issued, post in the Commend/Report/Ban Feedback thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by EricTams View Post
    If you have the MatchID for any games where you received an abandon from a bug then please PM them to me.

    Do the following and send this info with the MatchID:
    - Make sure you haven't shared your password with someone else.
    - Watch the whole replay - Note disconnects for any players and what happens with the abandonment countdown.
    - Note any time where players went idle and the duration of that idle.
    - Check your previous game and see if the Abandon was from that game instead.
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