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Thread: Commend/Report/Low Priority/Mute Feedback

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    Comm ban system has to go. Counter-intuitive, unnecessary and exploitable

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    So... I'm playing some games... while muted...I get outplayed and the team say: report this guy.
    => I get reported for playing...
    Ability Draft mode: I get Drow ranger... no one buys any courier... so I buy it... then`I get outplayed middle vs some very good Nyx with good stun and nuke spells...
    Again team blames me for the game... NO WARDS BOUGHT ALL GAME! NO ONE ! AND STILL I GET REPORTED!

    Please put a minimum age of 18 to be able to mute someone!
    This is how Dota2 games should look like! Game 1_Game 2_Game 3_Game 4_Game 5_Game 6

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    i think the amounts of average games you play in a week should be taken into consideration for abandons.
    If someone plays maybe 5 games per week and abandons one it's a worse behavoiur than someone who plays 500 games a week and abandons twice.

    I like the change to a amount of games you are in LPQ instead of a certain time!
    Quote Originally Posted by DarkLite View Post
    Valve has abandoned the game! The game is now safe to leave.
    No statistics will be recorded.
    powered by Bashtime

    my view of the current MM:
    and of RMM:
    and of solo-q vs party-q:

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    12,296 (instapicked furion, bought courier/wards, TP'ed to enemy fountain, dropped his items, then over the rest of the game buys couriers and TPs to enemies to let them kill him).

    Report system is way too forgiving. People like this should not only get their steam account busted, they should also get sued in real life.
    Ruining games like this in 4.5k ranked games is unacceptable.

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    according to the first post, this should be impossible, pls fix ur system ;_;

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    How it possible 20 games only the dire??? All what i want is fucking asnwer? Ranked system totally sucks ...
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    1 Ranked match -> Low prio. What is this shit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Degen View Post
    I think the report system should be harsher. There should be a 0 tolerance policy regarding griefing/ruining the games. Going afk when the game is pretty much over is one thing, but when you deliberatly help the enemy team, then you should be banned even though you have no previous reports. Also abusing bugs should also be included in this.

    The commendation system is a nice idea, but sadly nobody really cares about it. I think it should be reworked or removed.
    You should also be banned if you're from Sweden.

    See how stupid that sounds? You want a ban for something stupid, so do I.

    When playing on the US servers, it doesn't matter what time because you'll generally have one Russian, Brazilian, or South American on your team. This is a problem, because they can't speak, nor understand, English 90% of the time (and yes, I know that percentage is probably wrong, but it illustrates the point). The following will happen:

    1.) A pause as one of them disocnnects because of "computer issues" or "lag";

    2.) They scream into their mic about Lord knows what. You can't understand 'em;

    3.) They will always pick a carry and demand you support;

    4.) The attitude is so far in the gutter it's worthless to try to play.

    Quite literally, I am playing a game right now as Alchemist where our Storm Spirit and Witch Doctor are fighting over who is support. Both of them are Peruvian, from what I can tell. Both of them have been fighting, along with their friends, two to each side. The entire time, no wards bought. As Alchemist, I have bought the courier and upgraded it while the two of them scream into their microphones about how they are a carry (this is conjecture, since I don't speak whatever the hell it is they're yelling, which I can only assume is some type of Spanish). While this is happening, both Storm Spirit and Witch Doctor fight over last hits with me, the one who is built to farm. I literally have been unable to farm because they run instead of fighting every time, leaving me to die.

    And then it's back to fighting over who the support is.

    You can't reason with people like this, who are so ignorant that it's impossible to win with them on your team. They drag the quality of the game straight into the gutter, and their method of play is so bad I chalk up every game a loss before hero selection ends as soon as I see Spanish, Portuguese, or Russian being typed/spoken.

    And of course, you're racist according to those people if you do not immediately help them, or blame the language barrier on English-speaking servers on the US West/US East.

    "Get over it."

    That's what we get. It's blamed on a "select few representatives" of these nations, but you can't go one game without it happening. Region lock is out, because Valve is more concerned with making a bunch of third-worlders happy. No one else wants to play with these people, not even themselves. It's obvious from the way they treat even each other.

    If it were just a select few players, then why is it the single common denominator are these asshats who, as far as anyone can tell, are intentionally ruining the game because it amuses them?

    And then, because I am in the fountain at the end of the match, when the enemy has mega creeps, they all report me for being AFK, and tell the other team to do it.

    You talk about toxicity of the community, but who is it really that is toxic?

    I was never jingoistic before playing this game. However, since doing so I've had nothing but hatred for Brazilians and other South Americans. They ruin this game. I grew up in a heavily Brazilian neighborhood in Plymouth, Massachusetts and got along great with Brazilians. Since playing this game, I've noticed the other Brazilians in other games, and they are as equally terrible, at both the game and in the way they treat everyone.

    The mute system plays into this. It rewards these people for being bad at the game, and for having a shitty attitude. I don't speak in games and haven't done so for months. I use the chat wheel, even when not muted. Sure, I might say someone is missing, or call for a gank. But other than that, silence from me. And yet, you go form mute to mute to mute.

    And of course, the apologists for such a terrible system will say how it's clear it's my fault because I'm such a terrible player. Once again, the toxicity of the community. But what should I expect from a bunch of people who can't even improve their own lives, so prefer to take others down with them?

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    got muted for 3d time.

    devs, ffs, what are u doing? prohibiting any communication? remove communication ban report. people who find smth offending can always just mute that player.
    for now, report system is just a weapon of revenge. you can recieve reports even if you dont said a word. even if you didnt do anything wrong.

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    First off, I am not a good dota player, I have about 3k party mmr, and undetermined solo mmr.

    Secondly, I have never been banned. I have played since March-ish 2013 and somehow managed to survive without being banned. However, someone who I used to be quite good friends with will often go into games with the mindset of "welp, we have a non-english speaker, we probably lose" and has been low-prioritied because of that. I find this very disturbing, not to mention illogical, as his best friend is Russian, and he never has a problem with him. What this causes is foreign teammates who generally aren't bad at the game become instantly alienated, making them play worse and anger quicker. Something that a lot of players don't get is that everyone they're playing with is a human being, not some demon who's only goal in life is to make you miserable. They may accidentally cause this yes, but I think very rarely is someone trying to harm you. However, the ones that truly are should be allowed to do this, right? THAT is who the report system is for.

    tl;dr: You're just as much the problem as others are. Don't get all hoity-toity and claim that you played one game without your party and one person reported you and now you're banned. It just didn't happen.

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