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Thread: Commend/Report/Low Priority/Mute Feedback

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    Its quite amazing how I get low priority for queueing with a RL friend of mine who is way lower in MMR than I am. Getting reported for not being able to solo carry games as 1k above average

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    Abuse of Report System

    I logged on to find a 46 hours of mute on my account. I already went through 24 for calling someone noob. I refrained from simple folk language in my last couple games, was called a noob for playing Pugna with Dagon and not supporting the supports we had already for some reason. I don't see how this Report system can still be in use when it is heavily flawed. Whenever I report someone, it is for a valid reason and I give a good description of the events that caused me to report. If someone is walking to the enemy fountain after every respawn, that would be intentional feeding. If someone is spouting racist taunts or spamming pings or command wheel responses, that would be Communication abuse. Not playing the way someone else wants you to play shouldn't be reportable without review.

    If someone falsely reports someone, perhaps they could be punished instead.

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    Okay, trash developers.
    I am trying to win and don't feed = teammates report me for not feeding (they do).
    I've played 20 lp yesterday and win all - none of them was counted bcz of "bad connect to servers". HAHAHAHAAH
    Where should I write to commit my matches played?
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    1. Reports for players from team which won the game dont count, or count as 1/5 of normal report power.
    2. Give the players ability to withdraw report at the game end.
    3. Remove hidden pool.

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    I'm tired of getting reported by account buyers. I'm much more skilled than they are.
    If I don't feed with them - they report me because THEY CAN'T UNDERSTAND how to win when I CAN.
    I am reported ONLY BY ACCOUNT BUYERS. CHeck this one:
    4 account buyers in my team reported me at 20th min when THEY HAD 4, 4, 5, 6 DEATHS and I got ONLY ONE. At the end enemies told: "riki won the game".
    This is NOT 1 game out of 100. It happens every game bcz I'm much more skilled. I can't explain dogs how to solve mathematical equation = I can't explain account buyers how to win.
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    It would be nice if for every commend recieved you would get a commend to give. But sadly it would get abused.

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    Mute button: It would be nice to indicate who muted you.
    There could be a symbol under voice and text mute buttons that indicates if the person muted your text and/or voice.

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    The report system is still shit after 2 years of trying.

    I get reported for being outplayed by the enemy.

    Why punish noobs?! WTF is this shit?!!!
    This is how Dota2 games should look like! Game 1_Game 2_Game 3_Game 4_Game 5_Game 6

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    I seem to be unable to send or recieve commendations and reports in Dota2.
    i am doing everything right, i even get the sound and the notification message you get after a commendation or reporting, but somehow it is not submitted.
    Please look into my issue and guide me how to fix it.
    P.s i have a limited steam account.

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    Thumbs up Idiotically designed communication ban: Team mates that can't speak are useless

    So regularly we get these matches with people that can only spam the quotes from the game with their keybinds. It's completely ridiculous. These people are raging likely? And Valve has them playing with a team that can communicate freely and accurately. But then this one guy (pray not main carry) isn't able to. So during team fights you just hope for the best. You cannot give him directions and see whether he even will go with a certain tactic. And he can't propose anything either. Instead it's all random play in mime style. The Dota 1 system was better. Game went backwards with many things when Valve took over. The moderation system is a disaster generally.

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