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Thread: Commend/Report/Low Priority/Mute Feedback

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    I tell you this, that there should be someone to appeal to about being put in low priority. I had 2 games where someone without any real knowledge stirred the others up to report me. I have a different style, but it helped us win both times. I didn't focus on my needs as much on diverting the enemies attention and pushing so no lanes were open to the enemy but were open for us. If people had to be opened minded, listen & watch the replays they would see I helped them/us all win while they could farm and then focus their attacks. I hate this report aspect. People don't realize, but ever idea/method may be new at one time, but as it is said, 'If a plan is stupid, and it works.... it's not stupid.' How can you get others on a team to point out the wrong someone is doing when so much is going on, and they didn't even watch the replay?.... no, only by review should a report be given " Get 4 games within a week that you are reported, someone reviews the games and gets a statement from the 'offender' and takes it into consideration". I don't know how many times I asked for help or tried to get people to communicate, but either people want to play their way like they are playing a Captain game, or they just don't respond.... 'Hey I'm poorly matched up here and can't get next to the creeps without getting killed, can someone switch?.....(silence). Hey this is hurting the team (silence). etc etc etc. Reporting should be banned, at least in the way it is. I only played for 2 weeks now, I am pretty good at helping and pulling my weight with a few heroes, but I am not recognized. I got a commend everyone, except report spellbinder.... yeah thanks, watch the video!

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    Hey, you're not in it alone DeLJaDe , I am def. with you. I have only played for almost 2 weeks. I helped the team win in 2 diff. games and was reported for not doing enough. I kept the lanes alive for us so they could charge in after all their farming, I blocked the creeps of the enemies, I distracted the enemy when they would have come in and kicked our butts, by pinging them and alerting to a tower under attack with the lanes I kept open. I took out several towers ON MY OWN mind you, and did I mention we won???? I alerted everyone on the mic when sneak attacks came, but my sacrifices were left unnoticed and reported, no replays watched or ?'s asked. I snuck around with Riki in several games also doing the same and what did I get for that, the next 3 games in a row I played AFTER winning matches with him, Riki gets banned along with Death Assassin, the only 2 out of 3 Heroes I know how to play.... You are not alone.... Hope our voices are heard by someone who cares, has a desire to help & and has a little discernment & wisdom to observe outside the box. Keep the Faith man!!!!

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    I think the Valve Devs should remove the Report buttons and have the punishment system fully automated with no option for players to report each other.

    Why? Lets look at all 3 Report Options:-

    Intentional Feeding

    This is not needed as a report option. The game should automatically throw a player into low priority if he/she intentionally feeds more than twice in one week. The game knows when you are intentionally feeding because you have a huge amount of deaths in an abnormally small amount of time.

    Ability Abuse

    This happens very rarely and even when it does, most of the time you can simply use the 'Disable help' option in the game tab to stop players being able to fountain relocate you. Valve just needs to extend that option and make it so that no team mate can use items or spells on you when you 'Disable help.'

    Comms Abuse

    This should not even be an issue. We have an in-game mute button that instantly fixes the problem and stops people flaming right there and then. The fact that there is a redundant Report button for this just shows a lack of common sense.

    Abandoning Game

    This is a fine example of a fully automated punishment system working as intended and doing a perfect job. You abandon a ranked game more than twice in a week, you get low prio. Simple.
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    Can we just remove low priority for divine5 players? People just report and flame for a bad play or a failed gank, its very easy to get 8-9 reports in 25 games if you get a bad week and LP is extremelly infuriating when youre trying to climb the leaderboards

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    When will you start punishing people for not pausing game while someone from their team is disconnected? And when will you change your automated system that sends people to low priority because their team doesn't know that Dota is a team game?

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