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Thread: Commend/Report/Low Priority/Mute Feedback

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    The report and punishment system is currently completely broken. Since the punishment threshold was so extremely lowered I was put into low priority at least 3 times without reason. I have not been writing in chat at all in a long time, only using quick chat and pings to communicate, I did not play against my teammates in any way.

    I have "Mute all incoming chat" option turned on because I grew tired of overwhelming toxicity and constant threatening with reports, though I do not think a communist justice of punishing anyone only suspected of wrongdoing is the answer to this.... It happened on 2 different accounts and I did not even suck, the last game before most recent LP was a victory...

    When it was possible to report during a match it never happened and ironically I was receiving a lot of "We have taken an action against player you previously reported" messages after reporting toxic, unsportsmanlike players.
    Now I report an intentional feeder, or a Riki picker who afks whole game and nothing.

    Edit: By the way calling to report other players is extremely filthy and should be a bannable offense.
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    i was banned for 6 months despite i wasnt abusing abilities,(exept for few times when i had internet and electricity issues) or intentionally feeding for as long as i remembe, not even talking about boosting or something like that, i was barely ever talking or flaming anybody in text or voice chat either
    you can see my previous games here
    you can also see on opendota wordcloud that i wasnt talking too much
    i dont know if 6 months bans can be reverted but im just posting this here so you can see that this can be abused
    my steam profile
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    The report system is completely broken. The only way player could be punished is losing mmr. Current "balance" gives no chance to outpicked team and people will waste their reports to the core or mid player no matter what.

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    Ban Imminent Lift?

    I was having a bad time, and I got reported an average of 10 times, with 7 or 8 commends per conduct summary.

    However, I have had <3 reports and 10+ commends for over 4 conduct summaries in a row, when will I stop receiving the "Ban Imminent" warning?

    It's putting me in a bad mood every time I log in.

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    Please add a proper tutorial to the game about the laning phase so that players who have no idea about lane equilibrium, early-game item progression and rotations can learn about those things. Honestly, most players in any game do not want to cooperate with others. This needs to change. It has to be some-sort of element you want to do; why are support items not free? Is it the idea that DotA should be competitive? If so, then impart to new players that the game is meant to be competitive and tactical. Younger players especially don't want to buy wards or support and proceed to compete against their teammates for last hits in lane. They will also dive into enemy territory without vision and proceed to ping spam, type insults and get frustrated with their only level of play. I've observed this happen so many times that I don't understand why the devs won't correct the sheer inability of new players to learn essential skills in DotA 2. The report system only compounds upon new players being unable to learn the competitive skills needed to excel even in losing games.

    The report system essentially punishes any kind of in-game criticism. It doesn't matter how nice you are to people they will refuse to play even remotely well if they are told they are doing something badly. The report system and a lack of clear understanding of DotA 2 have created a community of experienced players that pride themselves on MMR rankings and win-loss ratios; just check any of the major discussion chats in-game which constantly devolve to name-calling over rankings. These are the same people who will go in game and use your report system against players they just don't like. What's worse is that once a player finds themselves comfortable with DotA 2 they will refuse to accept any type of criticism about their play or refuse to acknowledge another player struggling or playing differently; and you can always report players who play badly or who respond to, or offer criticism. A new player who genuinely doesn't know how to find observer wards in the shop is the equivalent to an experienced player who feeds his hero down the middle lane because something in the game went wrong for them is the equivalent to another player whose style of play is unorthodox is the equivalent to a party of two who refuse to play as a team is the equivalent to an experienced player who convinces three others on the team to report one bad player... etc. etc.

    If you want DotA to be developed as a unique multiplayer game where players have the freedom to experiment than the report system should only be enforced with overt griefing (like feeding your hero down the middle lane, afking in lane, killing the courier on purpose, etc.), script abuse and actual chat spam that lasts more than 5-10 minutes. LP doesn't solve anything behaviour-wise. Low-priority matchmaking pool is just the same matchmaking-roulette of new and experienced players winning and losing matches. There's no oppurtunity to learn from mistakes in DotA 2 to begin with, so why force people to "win" a match five times if they are just going to play with the same behaviour and skill level as they were outside of Low-Priority? What is the point of a punishment pool if it has zero game-play differences from the non-punishment pool? What are the learning oppurtunities? What exactly is the 'punishment'? Playing with more players that grate your nerves? Even outside of Low Priority any player will constantly get matched with others who are completely new to the game, yet have a huge amount of hours in-game; they just play badly without learning or improving. These players report or get reported, justified or not.

    The report system and the majority of players lacking a clear understanding of how to play DotA 2 do not synergise.
    The system needs to actually dispose of griefers and any player who is frustrated to the point of griefing.
    I've been in LP games with genuinely skilled players; I've been in normal matches where players give legitimately good advice or analysis and are insulted or ignored.

    None of DotA's attempts at improving the community have actually helped new players learn DotA 2; 90% of my games involve new players choosing support heroes and refusing to ward for vision or use their skills players choosing core heroes and being too scared to engage with the enemy (they'll buy invisibility items or farm gold for 30+ minutes)...OR...flat-out "You Only Live Once" types who have zero patience and will fight constantly while blaming everyone but themselves for their deaths.

    The vast majority of this community doesn't understand how to play DotA at a basic level. The experienced voices on reddit and other forums are a small percentage of the people who queue up for this game worldwide. A marked improvement right now, other than spending the money to create an effective tutorial system, is stop marking players who provide actual in-game criticism (regardless of how 'nice' they give that advice) with bad behavior scores. In fact, just do away with behavior scores entirely; it just creates lopsided matchmaking and, more importantly, removes any opportunity for players to improve their behavior or for new players who have been wrongly reported as "bad" to learn the game.

    Thanks for your time, and if you engage with any ad-hominem after reading this or feel I'm typing our of some sort-of "anger", you are exactly the problem with this community I'm talking about!
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