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Thread: Commend/Report/Low Priority/Mute Feedback

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    0 commends + 1 report in DidNotPlayRole = LUL
    Match: 5117269767
    WP Valve

    So let's see what happen in the follow match, OH SHEET the cancer SA dota moderator with 2 edited accounts (zeus and void) trollying..
    Its hard to say how toxic the valve employeers are, its an another level of cancer play's, hacks are nothing near to then.. and yes he abuse the report system again
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    volto staff do a random OD (wasting team gold) Hard Support and report me at the end, that's ok Gaben?

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    Matchmaking report system is broken.

    The reporting system is broken. I fall in games with people from the team destroying their own items, warding their own jungle, and I took 12 reports in 10 games, even with 35 commends, I was banned for 1 week.What does the ban generate? New account. People who want to play simply make other accounts, now smurf accounts, because the system is broken. If the unfair punishment is a 7-day ban, people end up making smurfs, because it's free, there's no point in this broken Dota mechanic.Reports and unfair ban >>> New smurf account >>> unfair game for newbies >>> newbies take reports and are banned >>> create more new smurf accounts for neebiers below. This is the Valve cycle of thinking for competitive games.

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