I received false reports (have Match IDs and proof) in Dota 2 by 3 different premades in 3 different games, leading to low priority. I find this extremely unfair and the fact that they're abusing the report system is ridiculous. I shouldn't have to play LP because Techies is report bait, especially not for communication abuse, ability abuse, or intentional feeding. None of those are accurate.
If I'm somehow incorrect and did violate one of those, please correct me so I can improve my behavior. I try to keep a positive mental attitude in all games, and this is really disheartening to see.

Match ID 4349982736 - tried my best bottom lane, was up 2 kills in the first minute 30 seconds. Top lane lost pretty hard so I tried to rotate in under 10 mins, but by then they were too far ahead. Top lane premade calls for report on me, enemy team said the premade was stupid for reporting me during postgame chat.

Match ID 4334667612 - Got really far ahead but ended up losing, was reported by the enemy team trioqueue for communication abuse, feeding, and ability abuse. I can only guess because Techies is frustrating to play against, especially when I was 12/12 with a lot of denies? They were insulting us in capslock in another language while they were losing (and again when winning).

Match ID 4328758852 - Another premade, tried my best but the bottom lane combination didn't really work out, especially since Juggernaut counters techies. I wasn't negative, feeding, or misusing abilities to kill allies. I ended up with a fair amount of kills as well.