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Thread: Commend/Report/Low Priority/Mute Feedback

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    Commend/Report/Low Priority/Mute Feedback

    To prevent the future creation of lots of duplicate threads about the Commend/Report/Ban/Mute logic, I'm creating this sticky. Put all of your feedback around those topics in this thread only.

    Low Priority Queue Logic

    After a certain amount of Abandons (usually on your second abandon) or Reports you will be send into LPQ for a period of time.

    The more abandons you have, the longer your time in LPQ will be.
    The more reports you have, the longer your time in LPQ will be.
    The shorter the window of time or games in between your games is, the longer your time in LPQ will be.

    Note that there is no distiction between Abandons because of technical difficulties, real-life issues and those that were done on purpose (e.g. rage).
    One reason for that is that there is no reliable way of telling which is the cause of an abandon. The other - more important - reason is that any abandon regardless of reasons impact the quality of the game of the remaining 9 players.

    No LPQ time will be removed!

    Quote Originally Posted by DLRevan View Post
    For placing people into low priority, there is a semi-automated system. Without going too much into it, it is set up so that people won't go into LP because of false reports.
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