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Thread: reconnect timer issue

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    reconnect timer issue

    Ok, first i wanna say that the timer for reconnection is welcomed.

    I wana say my problem that if my computer happens to restart or something that forcely closes my internet conection i have to w8 5 mins for my pppoe connection to be back, and im sure ill not be the only one with this problem, so i can come back into the game.

    So what i am sugesting is that u increase the reconnection timer to 6-7 mins or implement a pausing sistem for matchmaking to that when paused saves ur timer and won't go down (like HoN sistem). I'm a Dota player and a HoN player but that sistem in HoN i really love for the reconnection, cuz i could ask a friend that i'm ingame to pause the game for 1 - 1:30 mins so i could come back and continue the game and won't get a leave/lose.

    I hope i posted in the right section

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    more time for reconnection.

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