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Thread: DOTA 2 won't quit thus can't shutdown properly

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    DOTA 2 won't quit thus can't shutdown properly

    Hi guys,

    I recently experienced this thing where I cannot shutdown my mac after opening and closing DOTA. Basically what happens is I quit the game but the DOTA icon will still be in the dock. It won't quit even if I force quit. Then I had to force shutdown the computer. The only workaround I found was to open Activity Monitor, and to force quit the game from there. Sometimes due to force of habit, I 'll quit DOTA in game, and it won't show in Activity Monitor anymore since it's already quit - then I had to force shutdown again.

    Here are the specs of my computer
    OS X El Capitan
    Version 10.11.5
    iMac (27-inch, Mid 2011)
    Processor 3.1 GHz Intel Core i5
    Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1024 MB

    Here are the things I recently did with my computer
    *Did a Time Machine back up
    *I started using ethernet, last time it's always wifi

    And here are some weird things I noticed
    *If I quit DOTA in game and play again, I will be flooded by DOTA icons on my dock
    *While in game, command Q used to work, now it's not
    *I had to replace my keyboard because suddenly letter P is not working (I don't know if this is just a coincidence)
    *I also found something in red in Activity Monitor which says gameoverlayui (Not Responding)

    This is getting annoying. Really hope to hear from someone soon.


    This is my first time posting, please bear with me if I put this thread in the wrong forum. I also don't want to be flamed for a repeat thread, for the record I tried searching first. But as an ultra noob guy in computer, my effort might not be enough.
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    It is now solved. I don't know which update solved it.
    And letter 'p' is now working again in my old keyboard.
    gameoverlayui (Not Responding) is still there in Activity Monitor but it doesn't do anything to my game.


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