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Thread: Replace humans by bots when they leave the running game.

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    Replacement by a human would be a perfect solution. ESEA for counterstrike: source did it for their 5 v 5 pick up games. ESEA has 'karma' with mild benefits for having it. Players got a small boost to karma if they replaced a leaver. Something similar could happen in DotA. For example, if you use the "Replace leaver" search button as opposed to the default search button, you would have, say, 2x battle points and 2x item drops.

    Here is a detailed description of the whole system:

    Step 1: If more than 1 person leaves, the system is not active. Just forget it at this point.
    Step 2: In the case of 4 v 5 with abandonment, poll the 4 remaining players whether they want a replacement. All four must agree.
    step 3: If they agree, the game will be listed for players to see. Players would only see games similar to their skill level, and the screen would show some basic statistics about what they're getting into, i.e. the hero they will take control of, his items, his level, etc. The menu would also show the current 'advantage' given by taking the role needed (boost to battle points etc.)
    step 4: The longer no one joins, the stronger the incentive becomes. This is done to find the lowest 'right price' to justify someone joining that game. It could, e.g., increment the reward every 10 seconds. It has two advantages:

    advantage 1: It quickly incentives people to join, letting the 4 v 5 not continue too long.
    advantage 2: It is a way to overcome the fact that some people may not want to join a game if they will take control of a 0 - 7 Zeus who is highly underleveled, etc. So basically it finds the 'right price' through brute force, i.e. by incrementing the reward until someone accepts it.

    Note 1: If they vote no, then the win/loss rules are the same as they are now for a 4 v 5. If they vote yes AND SOMEONE JOINS, then the game 'resets' in that the game is not safe to leave and there can be another abandon.
    Note 2: If they vote yes, the game will pause for 3 minutes to find another player. If a player cannot be found (even after the incremented incentive), it defaults to the 'voted no' state, meaning it goes to a default 4 v 5.
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    Quote Originally Posted by weebletns View Post
    I think that this could cause major problems.

    Imagine all the flaming as four people on a team turn on the fifth, doing everything they can to get him to leave so that he will be replaced by a much more skilled AI bot. I would hate to have my team turn against me, trying to get me to leave, every time I had a bad start to a game.
    Very good point, I didn't even think of that. Now that that has been brought to the table, it doesn't seem as great an idea.

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    I don't think this should be up for consideration until the bots are worked on more. For now the system in place is preferable.

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    I really think this would be an excellent idea. It doesn't have to be forced -- give players an option to replace a player who has left with a bot by majority vote. Sure, a bot may not be as good as a player (though will perhaps be better in some ways), but being 1 player down is also a nasty disadvantage and it'd be great to have the option to choose. Bit late to this, but whatever.

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    Hell no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisC View Post
    Please try to be constructive in your posts.

    We've definitely talked about allowing bots take over players who have left, though there are some complications (figuring out what to do with their existing inventory, etc) that we still need to figure out.
    Chris its been more than a year bro xD
    posten on feb 29 2012

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