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Thread: "Support" for Japanese Characters and IME is terrible

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    "Support" for Japanese Characters and IME is terrible

    "ドラゴン". Try to enter my playername anywhere in the game. It ain't working.
    All Japanese characters, INCLUDING the japanese word for Japan are mapped wrong and there's no way to get them right.

    I really hope the support for IME's will be implemented before the game becomes release, because it is very annoying.
    Also I don't understand yet how many times I have to alt+tab until it allows me to switch my keyboard layout - -

    Currently the only way to search for my own replays in watch tab (to find out my "level") is to rename me and then look there. How annoying

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    I'm not certain if this helps but shift+Alt changes the keyboard layout. Other than that, I hope they'll fix it.

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    Since two patch before (lycan?) It is not anymore possible to write correct japanese in the chat. Before was working well !

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