its beens some years sinse i play dota, and now its on DOTA 2... and for my surprise there were something that i used a lot on dota 1 and isn't working anymore.
When u use "Attack" and click on some ally creep, you gos to it and try to atk, will do it if the creeps life is low, but if not, it would follow it.
Here is the problem.
On dota 1 when u "Attack" ally creep full life, you become following that creep and autoattacking enemys when the followed creature stops.
Ex: use Enigmas summon magic and command then to "Attack" a Full life Ally Mage Creep. They follow that creep and when 2 waves shock, they start automatic attaking the other creeps, finished that, just start follow the mage creep again.
On dota 2, maybe its possible to still do this, but if its possible, can someone tell me how?