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Thread: Maelrawn the Tentacular, the Church Begins [Tidehunter]

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    And yet the last two did not deign to rhyme.
    We'll see if this means Maelrawn owns their head.


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    To noone's surprise, human beings never learn.
    Be it rhyming, or capsing, they're doing it wrong.

    But still, combo breakers appeared too fast.
    And in my opinion, the trend has to last.

    The only thing left is to count the time
    Till somebody's post would not match the rhyme.

    And, right, on a side-note, about Maelrawn
    I simply can't help it, but... TENTACLE PORN.

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    Best thread on these boards in a very long time. omg so true

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    whats in it for me?

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    The counter served at the count of one.
    My hope in humanity is finally gone.

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    I'm totally in.

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    Technology or religion, the choice is mine,
    I will not follow Maelrawn, an evil divine.
    He is coming, not for peace, but for blight,
    And here you are, going down without a fight?

    You call Science a fraud, a bold claim in itself,
    Yet you insist on revering the evil himself?
    The destroyer of the Claddish fleet,
    Giving them not a chance for retreat.

    So I defy your master, the abyssal God,
    For he brings only destruction, the evil sod!
    I will not beg and I will not repent,
    I will not even consider to lament!

    We will fight the sea, with tooth and nail,
    Till our dikes and dams dwarf even a whale.
    Science and thought, for far too long ignored,
    Shall defend the lands, do not rely on the sword.

    The chosen of Maelrawn, the holy priest?
    The insanity is high, we know that atleast.
    Think this through, I ask from you,
    Surely you can see the evil from the blue?

    In this war of religion versus science,
    It is dependance versus self reliance!
    I have the intelligence to carve my path,
    Even if it invokes a god's wrath!

    However, before I leave, I will ask this too:
    Lamar? Is that you?
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    You speak of battles, you speak of attack,
    May I remind you of the Demons of the Cataract?
    Kunkka's fleet attempted to resist,
    The people of the Trembling Isle we will not miss.

    Is this the end that you seek?
    Has the Violet Plateu Incident left your mind weak?
    The only way to survive is to submit to his reach,
    Else you find yourself washed up on a beach.

    There need not be blight, there is hope for respite,
    Long the deep has seen peace, removed from the light.
    It is the surface and land that one must fear,
    For war rages and it is money people hold dear!

    All driven by greed, your science and thought,
    Your loyalties lie with those who bought!
    Unless you give up this farce, your soul I cannot save,
    Sadly I will hang a coral wreath on your grave.

    Before Lamar was once my name,
    A simple crustacean desiring heads to maim.
    I lived in your workshop, watched your science unfold,
    Which was used to carve out my beak while I was not a year old!

    Then I saw a chance, and made my escape,
    And found Maelrawn waiting, all for my sake!
    Look at me now, a hunter of tides!
    A kraken of which the Abyssal God confides!

    He desires only peace but to do so,
    We must join in worship to rid our woe.
    United we will be under the tentacles of he,
    A better world awaits, why can you not see?

    Follow the spirals down into Maelrawn's warm, loving, forgiving embrace,
    We await you here, just give up tinkering and the science you chase…
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    This prattle doth bore me, this tantrum of mortals.
    "Victory" here; the thought deserves chortles.
    For naught save my mind contains what you seek:
    Power unknowable to you, the weak.

    Your dubious deity? No more than a flea to me.
    Your inane inventions don't deserve my attention.

    Fight if you must, it's of no consequence.
    But make no mistake, you petty peasants:
    Your lives, if on their ends I was intent,
    Would end as soon as my finger was bent.

    Ah, science and religion find common ground:
    The name of Garral; both fear the sound.
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    Pitiful mortals, embrace the reality,
    For only Atropos holds immortality!
    Nightmares will be wrought upon you -
    All will worship the one god true!

    The dreams of scientists will crumble,
    All shall bow down or tremble!
    And Maelrawn, that fool
    Can't you realize you're just it's tool?
    That god is a lie, surely you must understand,
    It'll kill you right where you stand!
    War is the only thing the sea god wants,
    Atropos listened for ages to it's taunts!

    But not all is lost, Bane is the way
    Join us here, and leave Maelrawn's sway.
    Come to us and you will live
    Leave the sea god, and Atropos will forgive.

    While all the tinkers, you must repent!
    You must give up your foul intent!


    Garral is a fool - a wretch, a thief and a whelp!
    Atropos is everything and soon Garral will plead for help!

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA *Maniacal laugh*
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    Brainwashing people is fun.

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