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Thread: Maelrawn the Tentacular, the Church Begins [Tidehunter]

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    Aye, look, who's the topic starter
    My old abyssal partner
    The scurvy rat that is called Tidehunter
    Trying to set his boombomb

    Way-hay, well don't you raise it
    Way-hay, sink down and pace it
    Way-hay, not in the presence

    Of Admiral Kunkka.

    So-so, you may think you're skipper
    So-so, have you deep-pit see ya
    So-so, we are not at sea now

    You're not worth a coxswain.

    Way-hay, stole my anchor
    Way-hay, well nothing changed
    Way-hay, the tide is raging

    Not yours, but Tidebringer's.

    Call for your tentacle landlub
    See how I deal with this sandcrab
    Last time was just plain thin armor
    Now you're out of harbor

    So-so, spit it with bilgewater
    So-so, that is not a problem
    So-so, I've got the right rudder

    It's not even storming.

    Way-hay, have them banter
    Way-hay, see you later
    Way-hay, just remember

    See you there, at Dota.

    I have long crossed myself with intention
    To part you from an extension
    That is the old good anchor
    Soaked in your bilgebloo-ter.

    And I'll make sure that you will be prawned
    No matter which god claims you owned
    If you call him and he goes and answers
    He'll belay existance!

    Way-hay, there she blows and
    Way-hay, you're all washed up and
    Way-hay, not so safe harbor

    Yo-ho-ho, with booty!

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    Accused in the past of designs that are tricky,
    You'll be glad of my powers when I make this thread sticky.

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    I never thought I'd see the day,
    When all was rhyme
    In this beta time,
    But here I see you found the way.

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    The Deep
    A fool the one who claimed divinity of dreams,
    Manipulations of nightmares, merely schemes.
    Your scripture is what needs to evolve,
    If you cannot capture your "God's" resolve.

    For ignorant are you to claim Atropos as god,
    A fool, a heretic, you are nothing but a fraud!
    For all have heard of Nyctasha's blight,
    The way she attacks dreams in the night.

    Her power is barely larger than a mote,
    Once day breaks and all wake, she is but a footnote.
    Maelrawn gives reason to flee I say,
    By night or day, you will not get away.

    Therein lies the weakness of sleep,
    When waking can save you from the torments you reap.
    The spirals can claim you in dreams or awake,
    So join with the tentacles for your children's sake.

    No God can save you, be it nature, kings, or flayed,
    If you believe their lies, you have all been played.
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    Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

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    Lamprey is a cool dude, never call him a dick.
    I think it's amusing, this thread; it now sticks.

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    Atropos a god?
    That's simply a fraud!

    The violet plateau?
    Black Mesa times-two!

    We should worship tidebringer?
    What a blind praise singer!

    The combination of knowledge and magic isn't Garral!
    Unless of course you're refering to the infamous, Carl.
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    And by the way Kunkka is bad.
    Oh and in B 4: you're just mad.
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    The world will now collapse!:

    Maelrawn is nothing! - you can't deny it
    Not a lord, nor a god, not even a bit!
    The sea can't reach out in the land -
    All you do is splash water over the sand.
    Nightmares are twisted and dark fears,
    Curses upon you! May your nightmares last years!

    Atropos already killed a divine,
    And Maelrawn it shall tear from inside!
    The beast will fall, and so will you
    All the priests of that fraud will perish too.

    In midsts of chaos, us knights will rise
    To bring apocalypse before sunrise!
    The horsemen will reign again once more
    Atropos will guide and power us four!

    The blood of your god will be spilled
    The sea will turn black with the beast killed!
    Then the four of us will ride the skies
    And bring you to your pathetic demise!

    Now go back home and have a sleep
    For you shall not wake, in nightmares deep.
    Everyone has the inexorable weakness of dreams
    And in the nightmares all Atropos hears is screams!
    You will fall asleep eventually
    And once you do you will sleep for eternity!
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    Brainwashing people is fun.

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    The Deep
    A fool and his folly, that is all you are!
    To think that Atropos's reach is far!
    You fail to grasp the length of the tentacles,
    Nothing can save you, not even dream's miracles!

    A demon of the night you claim to be,
    But fail to realize Night Stalker is he.
    Who do you think created the first night?
    It was the dark of the deep that spilled and blocked out the light!

    Let your horsemen run as fast as they can,
    You fail to realize you are fighting no man.
    Maelrawn created first land when he cracked the shell,
    Of the planet and the first whirlpool did swell,

    Draining away the oceans of long ago,
    Maelrawn now resides where none venture so.
    He sits as the lurker in the whirlpool,
    For moving would sink landmasses, it is true.

    The Abyssal God was kind enough to give those of land life,
    It is only just that he ends it without strife.
    To take arms against him is foolish indeed,
    Nothing will save you, not even a knight's steed.

    You cannot hope to attack him in dreams,
    For his mind is ancient with wisdom and sheens!
    His inscrutable thoughts cannot be brought down with might,
    So retreat to your home amongst those in the night.

    Atropos, but a fragment of a true God,
    Nothing more than some hopeless fraud.
    Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

    Steam Id: KevinCorporation

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    Beg no Maelwarn's mercy on you, mortal
    Bend your knees at my Abysmal's portal
    Fiercely shall my power rend
    Your petty whirlpool that "has no end"

    Tremble! Your souls are in my gaze
    Crumble! Your lives under my Shadowraze

    Death will not be your finale
    Souls will be tormented at my Necromastery
    What you so piously worship as the deity
    Hides underwater as his tentacula see me

    Rise! You ludicrous water!
    Fall! You puny little falter!

    Serve up offerings of your pathetic race
    Shadow Fiend will let you die in certain grace
    Noted as "forbidden" in the ancient scrolls
    Behold, the Requiem of Souls

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