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Thread: Maelrawn the Tentacular, the Church Begins [Tidehunter]

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    Fools, art thou too blind to see,
    That thine Dead Gods are no match for me?
    And ye, for though I doth speak in verse,
    It is all magic that I vowed to disperse.

    And lo, behold, what doth I see?
    A church devoted to vile sorcery!
    Such foul evil, it shall not stand,
    The end of thy life is what I demand.
    And not just thine, but of thy god too,
    With the power to makest but drops of dew.

    My soul is pure, my will unswayed,
    For the monks of Turstarkuri I doth swing my blade.
    And thy church shall fall, thy magic be dashed,
    Maelrawn shall die afore he barely splashed.

    So cease thy magics, for they doth wreak war,
    And troublest not the pure of heart no more.
    And renounce thy god, of whom you know naught,
    Before others suffer what thou hath wrought.
    Or thou shalt find, sooner than thou thinks,
    My blades at thy heart with a couple of blinks.

    This warning I send so thou mayest understand,
    I wish not to kill, but thou art forcing my hand.
    Call off thy church, thy god, and his wicked ways,
    Or thou shall soon learn how thine sorcery pays.

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    These epic rhymes should be added to the Dota 2 heros lore.

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    What to rhyme with magina.. thats a little to easy,
    the dribble you sprout is making me queazy,
    Faith causes wars, but my fighting is just,
    Keeping darkness at bay and not mere bloodlust,

    A war against faith, you're a laughable fool,
    my beliefs are my weapons, my crutches, my tool
    "My heart is pure" is that what you claimed?
    You're the Turstarkuri heretic, I know healers you've maimed.

    You denounce all sourcery but take time to think.
    Thats magic you're casting, with every blink.

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    To begin, as a matter of principle, I give credit where credit is due.
    Therefore: Antimage, your efforts against magic do not go unappreciated, I assure you.

    Unleashed the evils of the dimensions beyond, I already have.
    All your ghost stories are worth less to me than a faulty Force Staff!

    Maelrawn, go back to your muddy streams.
    You can keep your magic- I have Laser Beams!

    Bane, I have no fear of you, I never sleep-I've salvaged all of Violet Plateau's coffee.
    And as you can all see, I'm sure it's clear which of us--has the degree!

    The Omniscience, a Fraud, we all know that.
    I've fought headcrabs more powerful, at the Violet Plat'.

    And don't even get me started on Nature's Prophet.
    His pushing power, though, is strong, I'll admit.

    In conclusion, good colleagues, when you receive my rocket shell
    say hello to the Demon Witch for me in hell.

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    posting in THE BEST EPIC THREAD ever
    gj all

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    To all those tales you’ve spread I’ve looked askance
    Legends of blood and death, Justice and vengeance
    You speak of the crushing waves in the deepest seas
    Of nightmares crawling through mankind like disease

    However the oceans and creatures walking on this earth
    Are but a speck to the vast reaches of the universe
    Oceans and dreams may have banished the light
    But stars themselves are crushed before enigma’s might

    His reach spreads to all the entities in creation
    Molding it since dawn of time till maturation
    Existence entire obeys his dictate
    For all have felt his crushing weight

    There is but one darkness spanning realms
    That calls to worlds till all are overwhelmed
    It is the void’s call, gathering space to his fold
    Can you not feel your body slave to his hold?

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    The Nether
    You all had your chances, magic followers, science defenders.
    But what, what is it you can do once your essence is gone away?
    True I haven't come to play yet, but prepare yourselves...
    Your dreams taken! Your life stolen! And so your pain.

    Soon I'll take the title once taken off of me, I'll have my revenge.
    You call that a weapon? That anchor means nothing to me.
    Your spits are supposed to bring something in? Try that again.
    Leviathan, you've always been one single minion of the draft of a "God".

    You see, my friends, once the tide truly rises up, your time's over.
    I'm done shadow-dancing in the depths, as amphibian I must go.

    And when I do... watch your back in the name of Slark.

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    Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a blaster at your side.-Han Solo
    Just thought I'd throw that in there. Sniper would be proud.

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    The Skeleton King would like to chime in.

    For too long now this conflict I have seen
    I believe this is the moment for me to intercede

    Tidehunter, your preaching has doomed you, as you will see
    Make no mistake, your existence continues to be indiferent to me
    However, One of your demands in my mind continues to fester
    Bowing down to another being? AH! You could be my jester!

    Soon enough you will learn, that fighting me is indeed in vain
    And when you do, AH! it will be already too late
    Your bones being nothing but an addition to my reign

    And even if you defeat me, AH! That thought makes me laugh
    You should hold your celebration; such a victory is not meant to last
    Blessing or curse, it is beyond my grasp to know
    One thing is certain, I will not dwell in the grave for long!

    As for you, old and impetuous sea-farer
    From what I see, with this fish you have a quarrel
    yet catching my attention might prove to be your biggest mistake thus far
    Since I have perceived something that I cannot just let slide

    You see, the longevity spell cast upon me makes greater
    All the negative feelings that in my human body took shelter
    Thus the envy I now feel is clearly unsurpassable
    Burning stronger than I even believed possible!

    For you possess a pair of something that I would like to have
    But even though I miss them, they are a luxury I can live without!
    Because even without them there is no doubt I succeed
    To me, being the manliest is an easy title to keep!

    Bonersterone references coming next. Also, this is thread is awe-fucking-some.
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    Wait, i don't get it, why is this thread stickied? What's the purpose of it?


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