Aye, look, who's the topic starter
My old abyssal partner
The scurvy rat that is called Tidehunter
Trying to set his boombomb

Way-hay, well don't you raise it
Way-hay, sink down and pace it
Way-hay, not in the presence

Of Admiral Kunkka.

So-so, you may think you're skipper
So-so, have you deep-pit see ya
So-so, we are not at sea now

You're not worth a coxswain.

Way-hay, stole my anchor
Way-hay, well nothing changed
Way-hay, the tide is raging

Not yours, but Tidebringer's.

Call for your tentacle landlub
See how I deal with this sandcrab
Last time was just plain thin armor
Now you're out of harbor

So-so, spit it with bilgewater
So-so, that is not a problem
So-so, I've got the right rudder

It's not even storming.

Way-hay, have them banter
Way-hay, see you later
Way-hay, just remember

See you there, at Dota.

I have long crossed myself with intention
To part you from an extension
That is the old good anchor
Soaked in your bilgebloo-ter.

And I'll make sure that you will be prawned
No matter which god claims you owned
If you call him and he goes and answers
He'll belay existance!

Way-hay, there she blows and
Way-hay, you're all washed up and
Way-hay, not so safe harbor

Yo-ho-ho, with booty!