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    Common Suggestions and Hero Balance List

    I thought it would be useful to list all of the common suggestions here, similar to the common bugs thread. Please point out any common suggestions that you see re-occuring throughout the forum and a link to the main thread discussing the topic. This is for common suggestions, not just if you have a suggestion of your own to point out. Please make a separate thread for those and post it in here when it gathers some support (it doesn't need to be unanimous).

    New Hero ideas
    Geomantic Sorceress

    Hero ideas with out name: Thread 1, Thread 2,

    Balance Discussion
    Earth spirit
    Ember Spirit

    Matchmaking / Game Selection
    Have ability to play a rematch after a public mm game
    Have a ladder, leagues, etc.
    Make the Accept button stand out (different color, etc)
    Suspend MM search, when on loading screen of Live Games/Replays
    Allow for custom in-house group matchmaking
    more control / options / preferences in Matchmaking
    Let players decide there search range
    Return Solo Queue?
    Import MID ONLY mode to find match

    Ranked Matchmaking/selection:
    Ranked MMR distribution page
    Remove random for All pick in RMM
    New mode: All Ban
    New mode: All Draft
    New mode: Blind pick

    Hero Picking
    Let allies see SD hero choices + vote
    Put colored boxes around allies SD options
    Make hero swap box smaller

    Coaching system
    Coaches shouldn't need to accept Match Making

    In-Game (General)
    Mana bars above enemy heroes [closed for debate - enough opinions already]
    Concede/Forfeit Feature [closed for debate - enough opinions already]

    Improve the "game is paused" window
    Change the color of skill-based illusions according to hero color scheme
    Move the default Dire courier position
    Allow us to lock courier usage(like in dota1)
    Make "Who Killed You" fade away eventually
    Reply to steam conversations through game chat "/reply"
    Whisper/Tell to other players (or steam friends) through game chat
    Hide creeps and neutrals health bar when it's at full health
    Make the lowest health bars always on the top layer
    Make pressing "H" twice prevent you from doing any auto-action
    Notify allies of who activated glyph of fortification
    Add the Patrol command to the game
    Limit the number of couriers a person/team can purchase
    Courier house with other extra functionality
    Be able to see which ally placed a ward by clicking/hovering over it*added?*
    Show a true-sight icon over allies that have a gem
    Be able to watch a replay of your death while dead
    Be able to vote to kick your allies
    Pinging an enemy hero puts a marker on them visible to allies
    Make hero level bigger when hovering over heroes
    Include wards in "select all units"
    Show game highlights at end of game
    Add more stats like attack speed and movement speed to towers and creeps
    Allow Bottle to be usable on allies
    Suggestions to prevent Item Destruction, Stealing and Hiding
    Show difficulty on map and mini-map of neutral camps
    Make chat wheel targetable and context sensitive
    alt + click on Clock suggestion
    Change in game notice to be more accurate
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