Update 7.20 is truly unbalanced. The latest episode of Dota 2 WTF Moments (303) showcases a few prime examples:

Keeper of the Light: Will-o-Wisp is WAY too strong. It's essentially a black hole variant with no channeling and bigger AoE
Juggernaut: Omnislash being also counterable with miss chance (like KOTL's blinding lights) is unacceptable. It takes away the very essence of what the words "Omni" and "Juggernaut" means
Lich: Sinister Gaze needs to go back to Sacrifice. Sacrifice has been core to Lich for years and gave him the ability to slow down enemy exp/farm during laning phase. Sinister Gaze is just too unnecessary during laning and too OP during fights (it's essentially a stronger stun)
Bloodseeker: Why on earth is Rupture no longer lethal? There are already so many ways to counter it, especially late game when enemy heroes have satanic, linkins, heals, etc.
Map: The 2 warding spots near top of Dire's right jungle are too close to each other if Tiny is capable of tossing a unit back and forth from them.