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    [NewbieHelp] Command Line

    Hello everyone

    If in general I am trying to improve the outrender quality of the video.
    After googling around I came to popular command "sfm_guardband" which should unlock something and get my render better. I lurked around, havnt found any description of it, and unfortunately I can't even put this command in s2fm command's line to find out what it does myself, because for me the command line is uneditable. I can copy from command line which is: "D:\...\dota 2 beta\game\bin\win64\dota2.exe" -addon sfm1 -tools -steam -dx11" but I can't write anything in myself. I looked around developer's wikia, but found nothing on how to edit command line (feels like I am bad at searching).
    If you know something about guardband, about editing the command line, or on how to improve render quality (I am stunned by Enigma's Exseperation quality) please let me know in this thread, it will be of a great help!

    Best regards, Alex.

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    Based on what I've read about gaurd band clipping in direct, it probably wouldn't make renders look better, but would make them render out faster. It seems that it just doesn't render, or draw call, objects that aren't in your view.

    You wouldn't need this for sfm since you could already exclude those objects by modifying the zfar variable of your scene camera to exclude anything in the background.

    Now if you want to make your render look better, you could try rendering your movie with different motion blur settings or you could try rendering it out at 1080p (it's 720p by default) as an image sequence and using virtual dub to make it into a lossless video format.

    Edit: and with enigmas exasperation by maxofs2d, he replaced some models and vmats to make enigma look completely different. So to do that you would need to learn blender and take the hero reference file, edit the mesh and materials. (Some heroes aren't on the reference file site through)

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