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Thread: Minimap vision issue and...

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    Minimap vision issue and...


    This may be a very general topic, discussed partially in other threads, but I have a really hard time to see anything on the minimap and the UI:

    - The "X" marks of Dire players on the minimap are really hard to see. Hero marks should be in contrast with the minimap colors. Their colors on the minimap should be brighter, although it won't fit the overall theme of the game, I think it will be better this way.

    - I constantly miss pings on the minimap. They disappear too fast, and the sound is too weak.

    - I hardly see my XP number, my hero level and my gold. I also can't see hero stats (damage, str, agi, int) very well. They are beautiful, but so tiny.

    Also note, that I don't have problems with my eyes and I don't wear glasses, so my vision is fine. However, I am new to the beta and maybe I will get used to the miniature fonts and dull minimap colors.

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    The minimap thing is an adjustment issue I'm sure, I have no difficulty making them out at all. The pings are also an adjustment.

    I will agree that the UI needs some work.

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    agreed, they need to change the X mark of enemy to something else ...
    sorry for my bad English ...

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