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Thread: [Confirmed] VS, DS or Batrider moving heroes into inescapable places

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    This should not be happening. Post a match ID and game time please.

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    Lol this sounds like a fun way to troll people D:

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    It's part of the same bug with Dark Seer Vacuum and Vengeful Swap to warding spots, it's in the common bugs list and will eventually be fixed.

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    Merged with the VS/DS thread
    Always read and follow the forum rules. If you need help from a moderator, use the report button ()
    Before posting new bugs:
    -Check the Known Bugs List and search the forum for an existing report.
    -Make sure its a bug (test in WC3 Dota, visit playdota guides and adv. mech, etc). If you're still not sure, post in Mechanics and Gameplay Bug Brainstorming instead.
    -Read the Bug Posting Guidelines on how to report a bug properly.

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    Thanks for moving the post,

    for those who say it is working as intended have obviously never played dota 1. Imagine if you are the only hard carry on your team and you get stuck on one of those cliffs. You are screwed until someone on your team buys a force staff. the opponent team can use a support to keep killing the couriers that is trying to bring you the tp. It is a good trade off to remove the hard carry threat.

    not to mention it sucks to be stuck and waiting for the tp to come to you.

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    This breaks rosh fights because Dark Seer can essentially force awful roshan engagements.

    Come near rosh = cliff.
    Don't come = free rosh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chronicles View Post
    Batrider ulti able to pull heros up to cliffs and leave them there.
    If hero has no tele or blink skill he can be left there for the rest of the game.
    Try it! I tested it and found only one place where this happens. You are able to stuck an enemy into the woods between Rosh and Dire Secret Shop and this only if he got no spell to destroy trees.

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    Petition to move Dark Seer's Vacuum bug to Severe Bug list.

    Until I experienced full-hand of how easily abused it is in a Matchmaking game, I tend to trivialise it.

    This really really deserves to be a severe bug.

    The intended fix should be Dark Seer's Vacuum should be unable to move people into unpathable terrain like Cliffs, but should be able to clear trees.

    Match ID: 14831386
    0:13:25 (first intentional abuse)
    0:15:45 (second intentional abuse)
    0:30:30 (third intentional abuse)
    0:35:00 (fourth intentional abuse)
    0:35:24 (fifth intentional abuse)

    The Dark Seer on the opposing team was actively Vacuuming Radiant heroes onto cliffs INTENTIONALLY.

    This form of abuse should be stopped and fixed ASAP, because this is really serious griefing and game balance breaking due to a severe bug.

    Please move this bug to Critical Bugs section or make it a Severe Bug. It is not low at all.
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    well, shouldn't you be able to use force staff at least on your self to escape to impassible terrain? I've been saved multiple times with this. So you wouldn't be able to do this anymore... sad
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