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Thread: New design indicators in the inventory

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kladkoff View Post
    Made a small concept. The idea is to add an indicator for the mana items.

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    Alternative screen
    A very good idea!

    Quote Originally Posted by HMAN911 View Post
    Very good idea, one of the best on these boards in a while. Simple, logical, functional, consistent.

    How about the magic stick in your screenshot example? Why not have the amount of mana and HP you will receive displayed in a green box? HP removal from soul ring as red?
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    Looks like you got it wrong, it's for mana consumption, not gained.
    I really don't think your idea is good.

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    +1 on/off feature very helpful in sticky situations!
    I just hate to die when im oom and i dont even have the 25 mana for acane boots^^

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    +1 nice for beginner and can help experienced players to quickly calculate total mana cost if in trouble etc ...

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    There was a bug report someone made a few days ago about a Mek removing mana. While older players definitely know items consume mana they don't display it in the same manner that spells do, this would go a long way to help/add consistency to the UI!

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    I wonder why this isn't implemented yet.

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