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Thread: [Sugg] Divide Status Bar

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsl View Post
    that will make us lazier to research or to find out which buffs are purgable
    How does the game benefit from players having to research which buffs are purgeable?
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    I am against the "color distinction" though; an option to "group/no group/color-wise indication" at most.
    I'm pretty sure I'm not the only colorblind playing Dota 2, and while it's not much of a handicap in general (except people referring to others by colors) this function seems useful and I don't want to miss out on it.

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    +1 for an option to place them in different places and show them in different colors!
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    Meh, I would honestly rather see just enemy/ally buffs.

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    pretty good

    +1 support
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