I am using a pc: hp probook 4530, i5 2410 2.3ghz, 8gb rams, ati radeon hd 6490m 1gb
Internet connection: 40-60 mbit/sec ( downloads with 5 mb/sec)

All drivers installed and up to date

After the invoker update it started to have huge spikes on any graphics..doesn't matter low/high, when a battle was going on ..i barely could see something
Even when 2 creep waves where near me i had big lags or when a spell was casted
Tryed everything nothing worked
I reinstaled windows. Game worked perfectly for 3-4 days, everything on max graphics.
After the 4 days it started again..spikes, huge spikes and big lag when 2-3 creep waves where near me or when a spell was casted
And my roommate has exactly the same laptop as i do, we bought them toghether, hes dota2 works perfectly.
What to do ?
OR what is the problem ? where do i go wrong?
I haven't instaled anything that could interfeer with the game
Hope to hear from you soon