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Thread: Dota 2 Test - what is the point?

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    Dota 2 Test - what is the point?

    Hi, I've recently been wondering what the point in having a test client of the game is, when the game itself is currently still in beta is it is, so therefore is a 'test client'

    There is roughly 30-100 people on the dota 2 test client on average, apart from when it is updated where it usually rises to around 400-500.
    This is all useless though because it is incredibly hard to find a game to test the "new heros" or fixes/try to find other bugs..

    if you just went back to normal, implementing the normal patches onto the main client, i'm sure you would find bugs/problems so much faster than having it on this pretty useless test client..

    On the other hand, I think this is a great idea for when the game goes live, but it is so unnecesary during beta. (where the game itself is still in the "testing phase")

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